American Idol 2014 Top 8 Elimination Results! [VIDEOS]

We don’t know what to expect on the American Idol results show tonight. We found it difficult to predict who would end up in the season 13 Top 8 finalists this week. The problem wasn’t just figuring out who was eliminated on American Idol tonight by the voters, but also if the judges would end up using the save. We might just end up with a whole repeat of the American Idol 2014 Top 9 performances again next week!

Dexter Roberts

We think the American Idol judges will use their save this season, and they only have a few weeks left to do it. But whether or not they will use it tonight will probably all depend on which contestant ends up being voted out by the viewers.

In our American Idol elimination results prediction earlier today, we placed our bet that Majesty Rose York would be the most likely person to end up on bottom this week. If that did end up being the case, we didn’t think the judges would use their save to keep her from being the singer who got voted off American Idol this week.

If, on the other hand, Dexter Roberts somehow ended up last in the votes, we did believe the judges would use their save to keep him. As the only cut and dry country artist on the show, we didn’t see the judges or the producers being willing to let him be the one who went home on American Idol just yet.

As for the rest of the finalists, it wasn’t an easy call to choose who else might end up in the bottom three on the American Idol 2014 results show tonight. We thought perhaps it could be CJ Harris, in which case we didn’t think the judges would save him either. While he’s very talented, he just hasn’t really established an identity for himself this season.

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And here we go!

To kick off the show tonight, we have our usual video montage of the finalists chatting about their performances over dinner. Caleb Johnson talks about Jennifer Lopez calling him sexy. Alex Preston pulls out a shoe and slams it on the table, bringing us back to Ryan Seacrest taking off his shoe and sock for Harry Connick Jr. last night. And then it’s on to the results show!

Ryan introduces the American Idol judges as they walk in and J-Lo is looking super hot tonight in a red dress that shows off her killer curves. Then we move on to mentor Randy Jackson talking about the performances from last night. He says his three type favorites were Caleb, Malaya Watson, and Jena Irene Ascuitto. Randy says the “cream is starting to rise to the top.”

Tonight we’re going to do the American Idol results a little differently by showing who is safe for the evening on the big screen. And we’re going right to our first results now.

The first person safe tonight is… Jena Irene! Next up as safe tonight is… Malaya Watson! And we keep rolling right along. The next person moving forward based on America’s votes is… oh wait, we won’t find out until after a commercial break and guest performance from Janelle Monáe.

We don’t really have a lot to say about that guest performance. It was peppy and fun, but not really our kind of thing. If you like cartoon music, it’s probably right up your alley.

Now on to more results. The next person moving on to next week is… Alex Preston! The fourth person who will be back on the stage next week is… Jessica Meuse!  And the singer coming up safe next is… Caleb Johnson!

So now we’re down to Majesty Rose York, CJ Harris, Dexter Roberts, and Sam Woolf. The person from these four that is safe tonight and will stay with us another week is… Dexter! That means Sam, CJ, and Majesty are the bottom three.

Another commercial break and it’s time for the final results. The person who is not in the bottom two tonight is… Sam Woolf! That means it’s down to CJ Harris and Majesty Rose. Host Ryan Seacrest draws it out… and the last person safe tonight is… CJ Harris!

Majesty Rose will have to sing for the save and we don’t think the American Idol judges are going to give it to her.

And no, the judges are not going to give Majesty the save. She has been eliminated.


  • Jena Irene Ascuitto
  • Malaya Watson
  • Alex Preston
  • Jessica Meuse
  • Caleb Johnson
  • Dexter Roberts

Bottom Three:

  • Majesty Rose
  • CJ Harris
  • Sam Woolf

Bottom Two:

  • CJ Harris
  • Majesty Rose

Voted Last:

  • Majesty Rose

Who Was Eliminated on American Idol tonight: Majesty Rose (no save from the judges)




  1. CJ whose been consistently (far) out of pitch for consecutive weeks–except for 1 performance–moves on to the next round? Majesty, whose performed with consistently good pitch, has shown the most versatility stylistically and artistically does not???!!! Obviously, this is not about singing to American listeners. I don’t know which is more disappointing, that in remaining weeks American viewers will not hear a strong, artistic singer like Majesty or that listeners must suffer the insult of terrible pitch by CJ for who knows how many more weeks. I blame the so called ‘expert’ judges who voted him into this competition to begin with when so many excellent singers with excellent pitch were denied the chance to inspire American viewers with excellent singing.

    • OMG they are all horrific! Worst season ever. Nothing will save this show. How sad that they didn’t cancel long ago, to save us this embarrassing spectacle. UGH

      • i disagree. last year’s season was an atrocity, and i’m still upset that angie did not win. this year has some redeeming qualities, and they’ve been sending the right person home each week.

      • I understand angie miler was supose to leave top2 because the right person won which was candice glover

      • I commend Jena & Caleb for respecting American viewers, listeners and consumers (who’ll ultimately spend hard-earned dollars for CD’s and i-tunes) enough to present a well-prepared performance (both technically & artistically). I do agree that it’s an embarrassment that CJ–whose failed to elevate himself beyond the basic, technical singing skills of accurate pitch–was voted by the ‘expert’ panel of judges as ‘idol’ caliber. In truth, none of the judges would spend their hard-earned wealth on CJ’s CD or concert ticket for the very same reasons they expect American listeners to think he’s worth a place on the AI stage. For that reason, I would agree with you that it turns what should otherwise be a ‘fair fight’ for the AI singing title nothing more than a ‘spectacle’ for ratings. Americans work hard for their money–those who have jobs anyway. American listeners and consumers deserve greater respect!

  2. Love the Rock bring back from Caleb, the amazing new vibe from Jena, the new revitalization of “Stevie Nicks” from Jessica, and the melodic vibrato from Malaya that takes us to church and back to new generation. America keep these top singers in the top for a reason.

    • I respectfully disagree with you Kim. Jessica does very little if anything at all to revitalize the legendary Stevie Nicks. Stevie has excellent pitch–Jessica does not–Stevie has control of her ‘bleating’ vibrato–Jessica does not (which has made her ‘pitchy’ in several of her performances–Stevie is a soulful, edgy singer–Jessica is a conformist who sings songs almost note-for-note, and has yet to break-out of her comfort-zone ‘box’ artistically–Stevie is a master song interpreter–Jessica recently performed a disturbing song about a kid packing a pistol for lunch as a ‘happy’ tune (enough said.). CJ is terribly below basic technical singing skills like good pitch, and should ask to leave the singing contest up to singers who are able to rise to the challenge. I suggest he race instead to a good vocal instructor who can help him hear the ‘right’ pitches and sing them accurately. America needs to keep the well-deserved singers on top.

  3. After that sing for your life performance I’m wondering if Majesty should be anywhere near a “reality” show. She was absolutely twitterpated. It’s all unicorns and rainbows in her little world.

  4. C.J. Harris…sings out of tune over and over..and they send the wrong one home…Booooooo…….

    • You can only blame America for voting Majesty into the bottom spot, not the judges. You can only blame the judges for allowing Majesty to get so far as to be chosen for the top 13.

  5. My favorite three performances this week were Caleb, Jena and Alex. Caleb and Jena entertained us and had fun fronting the band. Alex’s artistry has already won a fair share of the audience and we’ll be seeing more of him whether or not he wins AI. Caleb’s voice and personality are so big, and I love watching and listening to him, but he will need to use smarts to get ahead in the biz unless he wins AI. Jena is entertaining now, with AI showcasing her, but forgettable if she doesn’t win. Malaya is a sweetheart with a great personality and needs more maturity and focus if she has any chance of winning, but I think she’ll be spending her senior year playing tuba in her high school marching band. I’m not into country music, but Dexter sounds like almost every guy I hear when I’ve accidentally tuned into country radio. Jessica has a tremendous voice, but she’s mature enough to have grown more than she has with all she has had at her disposal on AI. She’s a one trick pony and will continue with her music in smaller venue’s, because that is her comfort zone. C.J. is enjoying the ride, and I’m glad he’s enjoying it, but we all know he goes home next week. And Sam is a cutie pie with a nice voice. He could be the best-ever lead in his high school musical.

  6. I don’t think Majesty was the one to send home. She needed to shake off the first time she was in the bottom 3. It made her lose confidence in herself. That’s easy to say from someone just sitting at home watching and not going through everything that the contestants are going through, but how Dexter and CJ stay in the competition is beyond me. They don’t take the advice of the judges. Dexter and CJ both had bottom-three performances. Sam does not show much more emotion than MK did. At this point in the competition, I like Malaya, Jena, and Caleb.

    • I disagree!!!!! Malaya comes across as a “drama queen” and an overblown geek! No wonder she never got any flowers…….. All that emoting is a bit too much. And would somebody give her a Ritalin? She butchered her part in the opening with the Fallout Boy song. And the power notes……..I detest that screaming!. I love the Beatles “Long and Winding Road” and she ruined it with her flat caterwauling. If she wants to see how it’s done……She should watch Sisaundra on The Voice. Her power notes are crystal clear and resonate.

  7. The best are Jena and Caleb and Jessica, they are natural performers. Malaya is TOTALLY not ready and her vocals are ok – she has pitch problems and needs a coach just like CJ does. Majesty was a much better singer than Malaya – they like Malaya’s personality but she is not ready to be a start. Time for Sam to go home also – he has zero confidence and never belonged in the finals.

  8. I think they should have saved Majesty and gave her more coaching-she had great style.

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