American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 8 Finalists Revealed!

In the first half hour results show of the season, the American Idol 2014 spoilers for the Top 8 finalists will be revealed tonight! Or will they? Could this be the night the American Idol judges will finally use their precious save? We think it all depends on who ends up on the bottom in the votes this week.

American Idol Jena Irene Ascuitto

If Majesty Rose York is the bottom finalist in the American Idol results tonight, we don’t think the judges will use the save to keep her from going home. She’s just been too inconsistent during the finals and she’s been coasting at the bottom of the pack for a while.

We also don’t think the Ameican Idol judges will use the save if it turns out to be CJ Harris who got voted off American Idol tonight. Although we really like CJ, he just hasn’t really stood out that much during the finals. He is consistent and talented, but he hasn’t given us much in the way of ‘wow’ moments this season.

On the other hand, if country singer Dexter Roberts ends up last in the votes, we do think the judges will step up with the save. His performance last night was a bit generic, as it has been for weeks, but he’s proven to be one of the most consistent and strong finalists overall. He adds diversity to the finalists as the only hardcore country singer and he has a strong fan following. Plus, the judges really just seem to like him.

Of course, the American Idol voters may decide our predictions are all for nothing and some other singer could well slip into the bottom three, like Sam Woolf or Jessica Meuse. You just never know with the viewers!

So who went home on American Idol 2014 from the Top 9, if anyone did? Stay tuned for the official results coming right here below as soon as we have them to post! (Or join our full live recap in progress now!)

American Idol Elimination Results:


Bottom Three:

  • Majesty Rose
  • CJ Harris
  • Sam Woolf

Bottom Two:

  • CJ Harris
  • Majesty Rose

Voted Last:

  • Majesty Rose

Eliminated: Majesty Rose York (no save from the judges)



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  1. Think people underestimating the voice and talent of Sam Woolf who just might surprise everyone another Ricky Nelson. Whole package.

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