Who Is Going Home On American Idol Tonight? 3/27/2014

American Idol 2014's Top 9 Contestants

* UPDATE: Find out who went home in our full  recap of the Top 9 elimination results show!

The American Idol 2014 Top 9 performed songs with the band last night and there were some pretty strong performances and some not-so-strong performances. Will the performances actually have an impact on the vote results tonight or will it be the same people from last week?

I’m going to try to figure out who stays and who goes again this week. Last week I was right about who went home, but I had the bottom three off a bit.  So let’s try this again. Remember, these are not based on my opinions. They’re based on performances, polls and past statistics. Things could get tricky again this week.

Who is going home tonight on American Idol 2014?

Definitely safe

Caleb Johnson. Not only is he storming the polls, but his performances have been persistent and this week’s was no different. He’s also the one contestant that is not confused about who he is and what kind of artist he is.

Malaya Watson. I think it might finally be safe to put Malaya in the definitely safe category. She really fought her way back from nearly going home. Her performance last night was another home run so I think she’s just fine tonight.

Alex Preston. Things start getting  a little tricky here because according to our poll, Jena Irene had a better night than Alex, but I’m not ready to put Jena in the definitely safe category. She had too many close calls for that. Alex has been pretty solid so I think things are still looking good for her.

Most Likely Safe (but still in danger)

Jessica Meuse. I still think Jessica is more likely in the definitely safe category, but her results in our poll are less than several others. So I don’t see her going anywhere, but there’s always the slight possibility.

Jena Irene. I think she’ll be safe. She had a great night and was in the pimp spot. I think she’s still got a long way to go if she wants to make it to the finals, but last night was a good start.

Sam Woolf. I think if any of these three were to slip into the bottom it would be Sam. But I think his song choice and performance were good enough to keep him safe tonight.

Possibly the Bottom Three

Dexter Roberts. I don’t understand why, but I think Dexter will again make a trip to the bottom three. I don’t think he’ll be the one to go home but if he is, I think the judges will save him.

C.J. Harris. I think C.J. will find himself back here tonight. I just think he’s confusing viewers with his song choices and ever-changing singing styles.

Majesty Rose. I think she’s in danger once again. Her performance last night was weak and she’s already been in the bottom.

Possibly going home

Majesty. According to our poll, she’s not as low as Dexter or C.J., but I just have a feeling it’ll be her. If it’s not her, it’ll be Dexter and the judges will save him.

Who do you think will be going home tonight on American Idol 2014?




  1. Jena to many close calls?

    like only being in the bottom 3 once?

    how is that to many?

    That goes the same for malayla.

  2. Im hoping majesty or cj goes home.

    enough of them black people stealing our show.

    We need latinos!

    • I know, what ever happened to them dividing up the audience by skin color? I just don’t think it’s reasonable to make people who are white sit with black people. But really, they shouldn’t even let the black people sing at all. It’s not like someone who is black would ever actually sell any albums.

  3. Wow too many close calls for jena?! Now you are really showing blatant dislike for her. She’s only been in the bottom ONCE! She’s had 3 very solid weeks AND much like Caleb, Jena knows what type of artist she wants to be. I think Keith hit the nail on the head when he said those two are in a lane of their own. Clearly Jena is in the definitely safe category and should be there for weeks to come.

  4. I hope you are right about Dexter, he, Imo has the best voice and he also knows what kind of singer he wants to be, but I’m pretty sure Harry doesn’t like him or his kind of music.

    • Harry’s spot on on his critique, though. Dexter’s not showing anything original in his compilations. I realize that counters some of the theories of western / country music being what it is—stable. But, you can still mix up a song in slightly unique fashion to give it one’s own flare. I think back to Scotty, though, … he didn’t really bring anything new to the show either. But, then again, very few in Season 10 did anything extraordinary, except Haley Reinhart (still not sure why she didn’t win).

      Dexter will be around a while, Top 5, probably, as he’s the strongest of the country/western singers this season.

      • Scotty IMO cinched the title when he did the “I Told You So” duet with Lauren and his version of “Gone” didn’t hurt.
        Haley didn’t win because a lot of people hated her and still do. Judging by her lack of post Idol success, they were not wrong. Adam outsold Kris, and Clay outsold Ruben, so if Haley was that good she’d have sold better.

      • True enough.

        Wonder if they’d get any traction having past Top 2 / Top 3 losers come for an encore sing-off.

      • Is it the performance or the voting constituency that clinched it. He may have won and no denying he’s successful at country music but he’s always been one note. Obviously country music fans dial up American Idol hotlines.

      • Agree and did I say agree…Dexter is a decent country singer no more no less but by far not superstar material it is the c and w voters swaying the competition if Dexter stays too long. I’d rather see a more contemporary talent stay. Majesty’s catching flack but if her vocals were stronger (say coach) her selections like Florence and the machine or Janelle Monae would dwarf all the undeserving praise for Jena.

    • I can never remember what Dexter is singing. He’s too generic. Maybe he should try another genre? I don’t know. Zero star power for me.

      • I can remember what they all sing, I mainly listen to voice quality, I see who’s staying true to self and which are only trying to please the judges.
        The judges are looking for them to find themselves, but if they already haven’t I don’t see the point of them being there.

  5. My favorite is Jessica Meuse up front,I like Dexter and Sam Woolf.If any of these 3 really lets’ go on stage and let their full potential come out, then they will be the top 3.

  6. Like others have stated jena has been in the bottom 3 once.

    that is the same as dexter, sam, and your malaya

    Your showing complete dislike for jena, its your choice.
    but really your looking silly.

    • Sam’s just a shy 17 year-old. People find him boring because he’s not a belter and sings perfectly all the time. I actually like him shy. And i like that he says thank you after each performance. JLo said he was a cutie, but really, he’s a sweetie.

  7. Majesty & Malaya are sharing votes, in my opinion. If/When Majesty goes, Malaya will benefit. Those two are so similar in style, even though they are both purdhee gewd singers.

    Sam’s got to get out of his grandpa’s umbrella. Sheesh. Has he ever seen the light of day?? Lose the 1950s apparel already! And, yeah, other than his looks, he doesn’t bring a whole lot to the program.

    Filming the singer’s family/friends, like CJ’s g/f next to his mother is starting to just annoy me. They’re not on stage—the idols are. Just like the detraction when the camera switches to the judges for a few moments. I don’t think the judges are as big a distraction as they were last year with the 2 divas going at it every-single-night, but Harry’s gimmicks are also beginning to take away from the contestants. Nothing wrong with a little tongue-in-cheek humor, though.

    Bottom 3: CJ, Majesty, & Sam, with Majesty going home, even though it ought to be Sam or CJ. Majesty’s a better singer than both of those guys. But, A.I. needs Sam to stay in the competition to keep the teeny-boppers watching.

  8. It’s mostly a fugly bunch this year. NO girls scream sexy… Malaya is nerd female Urkel, Majesty is cute, the others I get the punk grunge vibe…. last season Angie and Amber had the sexy going on. Even Janelle was country sexy 🙂

    • You’d think they’d help them out with make up, clothes, etc, If they felt good about how they look on the outside, they’d all do better.

      • In an interview, Kelly Clarkson stated when she made it to the top 10 , the producers gave everyone a $500 gift card to the GAP to get everything they needed for the rest f the competition.

        Whom ever they’re using as a designer this season is horrible. I can’t say the designer for Voice is much better

    • And, yet, sexy didn’t get to the final two.

      Amber & Angie both blew a huge chance to clinch last season… all they had to do was be modern and youthful. Instead they chose to stand toe-to-toe with the other stand-and-deliver-divas. Angie, at least, tried a couple of times, but never could get away from the piano.

      Back to your first postulate, though, I’d say the guys are fuglier than the girls this year, by far. As I posted earlier, Sam’s got to get out of his grand-dad’s clothes.. and take more than $20 in his pocket to a clothing store. He looks incredibly 1950s—which is killing his votes as much as his mediocre vocals. Why can’t he see what Caleb’s doing week-to-week and take a hint?

      American Idol, on one hand, wants to be a ‘family show’, which is why they got Harry to on the bench this season. On the other, they profess to be seeking the next ‘Idol’. But, ‘Idol’, is a misnomer in American society—James Dean, Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, et. al., were not your “Family Show” personalities. ‘Idol’ization in America means one is ‘ab’normal in some regard; an outcast, a rebel, something askew with the norm. The whole show is, in that sense, an oxymoron.

      I wrote in another post, for the past 4-5 years, since about season 9, the Stand-and-Deliver ballad has been the theme of A.I. The repetitive nature of which has led to lackluster ratings as the drama of the judges’ panel out-shined whatever the contestants were doing.

      I’m really happy to see the commentary from the bench this season go beyond the cliche’d quips from years past. What they need to do / have done, is bring in a past A.I. winner from seasons 1~12, say, to sit as a guest bencher and offer commentary as well, for one night each week. (And then perform the next night during results.)

  9. Majesty should go. It’s getting ridiculous why she isn’t going home after singing so many songs terribly off-key.

  10. At this point in the show, let’s send 8 off, crown Caleb the winner and end this painful week to week torture.

  11. CJ has a following, so I expect him to hang longer-like lazaro last season. Probably Dexter.

    • If it is Dexter, I hope the judges save him. Harry is hard on him but that’s because he knows he’s good.

  12. I am worried that CJ will be the one to go home, even though I think it should be Majesty. The music always drowns her out. Dexter will be in the bottom 3 with them for lack of originality. I absolutely disagree that the judges would save Dexter. They are always critical of him for one, but anyone who watches American Idol should know that the judges will not use their save unless they think that person should win the whole thing! They would use their save on Caleb, Jena and Alex.

  13. Someone explain to me why majesty would go home instead of CJ. Majesty sings on-key but have u heard CJ it’s really kinda pitiful he’s a sweet guy and all but no he’s been singing off-key since week 1. Like did you hear when he sang Invisible just horrible

  14. I agree with comments of Sam’s dullness. He’s not a bad artist per se’ but there is zero energy in anything he does. Boring. I am disappointed in Majesty’s ratings she is so on the money with song choices being current and peppy. She has some work to do but is far more deserving of another chance than C.J. or Dexter. Jena has grown on me with her choices but no matter what power her voice may have she’s still not pleasing to the ear and I am never surprised by her being in the bottom but she has been strong recently. C.J. is a very cool unique voice but he’s not measuring up. Add some theme nights that take people out of their comfort zone and let’s see some versatility before finding a winner here.

  15. Black people are not going no where neither is white people that makes it America it doesn’t matter and American idol is for all nationalities not just black and white if other races could actually sing possibly they would have made it through

  16. Really…????? Enough of black people stealing the show??? I think they both knock the latino outta the stage. Stop being racist… thats not what the shows about. Its who is the best.

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