American Idol 2014 Top 10 on Tour! [VIDEO]

The American Idol 2014 Top 10 are ready to hit the road! The American Idol 13 finalists are heading out on tour to a city near you for live concerts across the country this summer.

American Idol Top 10 contestants
American Idol 2014 Top 10 (FOX)

The American Idol Live Tour kicks off on June 24 and we have a new promo video from the Top 10 about the excitement of playing in front of all of their fans!

The American Idol summer tour will include Alex PrestonCaleb JohnsonCJ HarrisDexter RobertsJena IreneJessica MeuseMajesty RoseMalaya WatsonMK Nobilette, and Sam Woolf.

Check out all the upcoming tour dates and get your tickets to see the American Idol 2014 Top 10 live here.




  1. Jena’s songs on tour are My Body, We are one, and I can’t help falling in Love. She will sing duet with Caleb twice and twice with he whole group(10).

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