American Idol 2014 Top 10 Power Rankings

Jena Irene

The American Idol 2014 Top 11 became the Top 10 Thursday night as Ben Briley was sent packing.

So it’s once again time for our weekly American Idol 2014 power rankings. A lot has again shifted since last week, so there will be some changes in the rankings.

American Idol 2014 Top 10 Power Rankings

10. MK Nobilette. She may have escaped the bottom this week, but I don’t see her coasting to victory anytime soon. I’m leaving her here for now.

9. Majesty Rose. I think Majesty needs a good performance to get out of the bottom three and I think she will, but after her finish this week, she has to come in at number 9.

8. Sam Woolf. I was surprised that Sam was in the bottom three this week, so my only option is to place him here. I don’t see him going him next or anything, however.

7. Alex Preston. I’m not sure what people are thinking of Alex. He’s been safe every week, but he’s starting to get  a bit predictable, so I think he’s about middle of the road right now.

6. Jena Irene. I think Jena could easily end up back in the bottom next week, but after her strong showing this week, she finishes our rankings in the middle.

5. Malaya Watson. After two weeks of strong performances, I think Malaya may have found a fanbase. She might be able to ride that for awhile. That’s enough to get her in our Top 5 this week.

4. C.J. Harris. C.J. is another contestant who jumped from the bottom to the top this week. He did well in the Super Vote and was not in the bottom this week, so he comes in at number 4. I’m not sure he can hold on to the spot, though.

3.  Jessica Meuse. Jessica could either be in the bottom or the top and I wouldn’t be surprised. I cannot get a good hold on how America is seeing her. I think for now I’ll keep her on this end of the rankings just based on her solid performances.

2. Dexter Roberts. I think Dexter is making some of the smartest moves of the season. The fact that Ben Briley is out and Dexter is in is proof that the country music fans have chosen him. He should be around for weeks to come.

1. Caleb Johnson. Caleb is giving us the best performances. They’re always powerful and entertaining and American seemingly loves him. I don’t know how the votes are going, but all his statistics and performances combined are enough for first place this week.

How would you rank the American Idol 2014 Top 10?





  1. I think our ranking should be decided by the poll.
    not by just 1 person’s opinion.

    This is crazy, i wish matthew would rank em instead of branden.
    cause its obviously becomming his favs are always at the top.

    Jessica has been horrible for weeks and shes number 3?

    Jena is amazing number 6? she kicked butt in every poll on american idol that i saw i believe.

    and mk did great and shes still 10?

    But let me guess if your caleb is in the bottom 3 he will still rank at number 1?

    get serious.

    • The weekly power rankings have always been subjective and based on Branden’s opinion.

      We already do a separate set of rankings based on the poll data here so it’d be redundant to do it again. Plus there’s a lot that bare numbers in a poll can’t address, but an opinion can.

      Why not take these weekly posts as an opportunity to share your own opinion and rankings instead of bashing his. “MK did great” is your opinion. What makes it more “right” than his? Add to the discussion.

  2. My Top 10 =


    Can i just say i hate caleb’s attitude he’s a freaking Jerk!

    • RIGHT! I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY ANYONE’S VOTING FOR HIM. He’s a decent singer, but completely and overpoweringly obnoxious.
      Jena for the win! Hopefully! Also Alex and Majesty 🙂

    • 1 Dexter
      2 Jena
      3 Jessica
      4. Caleb
      5 Sam
      6 Cj
      7 Alex
      8 Mk
      9 Malayla
      10 Majesty
      That’s my opinion!!

  3. I agree with you for the most part but I’d give Dexter the number one spot. 🙂 He’s my WGWG.

  4. I am not necessarily posting my rankings but I am going to give my thoughts on the contestants left.
    Caleb-Great singer and old school rocker but I get the feeling he may end up suffering the Daughtry, Durban and Lambert fate.
    Dexter- He is consistent but he is also consistently bland. He needs a little more risk. I see nothing in him that screams big career after Idol.
    Sam-Boring as all get out. He does have pretty much perfect pitch but he is also a milk toast artist like Dexter.
    CJ-Tons of potential and his performance last week finally showed it. If he can string together a few more consistent performances we may see his true potential but so far he’s been pretty inconsistent.
    Alex-Along with Caleb he is one of my two favorite guys this year. I love that he is actually a musician who thinks and does different arrangements instead of doing sing along karaoke versions like most artists on Idol.
    Majesty-Oh Majesty, she is my favorite girl in the competition but she has had some less than stellar performance nights. She can be great and I love the fact that she makes eclectic song choices but she needs to make sure she hits every note.
    Jessica-Lots of potential here but hasn’t really lived up to it. She has been flat more than once and I would like to see some more consistency. If she could be more consistent she is definately the most marketable artist in the contest.
    Jena-I like her song choices(except the home week). She needs to stick with the piano a few weeks to build momentum. Harry is right she is definitely the sleeper.
    Malaya-I want to like Malaya. Her over the top zany attitude straddles the line between adorable and not adorable. She can sing but she needs a little more diversity in what she is choosing.
    MK-I think the overarching quality of MK is that her tone is really good but she has been very inconsistent performance wise.
    Just some food for thought.

    • adam lambert’s “fate” is that he’s touring with
      queen this summer as lead singer. that’s some fate!!

      • If all goes well I’ll be seeing him here on 4th of July weekend!! YAY!!!

      • i’m seeing him at mohegan sun on july 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t make it to msg unfortunately. But adam made it to madison square garden!!!

    • Dexter shouldn’t fix what’s not broken, he’s pure ciountry. I’d like to hear Jessica sing Dolly Partons, Here You Come Again, I think she would do well.

      • Singing with Queen is the best thing Adam has going for him right now, until he or someone starts writing some hits, lots of good singers out there but no songs to sing.

  5. Jena, Caleb & Malaya are the only ones whose music I’ll buy. Jena or Caleb for the win

  6. I think Jena is the best so far. I’m enjoying The Voice more this year, lots of outstanding singers:-)!!!

  7. I’m thinking in terms of marketability.
    1.) jena-distinct sound and 3 originals
    2.) Sam-good tone with 1 lousy original
    3>) majesty-unique voice and good range.
    4.) Alex-like looking at Buddy Holley through a time scope
    5)Caleb-great performer but Jeff Gutt and other rockers that hav’nt made
    5,)Dexter-tied with Caleb and not near a country star yet (potential)
    it have just as good or better vocals.
    6.) Malaya-sang her best this week but only can belt (holler at her best)
    7.) CJ-best also this week but put him in last years Lazaro class
    8.) Jessica-good thing she has a following because she has blew it the last two weeks
    9.) Mk- best vocals also this week also but not much confidence seen

  8. My rankings:

    1. Jena
    2. Alex
    3. Caleb
    4. Sam
    5. CJ
    6. Dexter
    7. Jessica
    8. Majesty
    9. MK
    10. Malaya

  9. I don’t think MK and Jena should be ranked this low, and how come Jessica and Dexter got such high rankings despite giving average performances, which I found to be below standard seeing other performances. This ranking you have is just putting who u like in the top all the time….

    MK should be in the middle while Jena should be 1 or 2, she killed it this week, and she’s being doing fine all along. Dexter and Jessica can go to 7 & 8

  10. I agree about Majesty with that she needs a strong performance to push her ranking, I don’t know why but I can see her performing a really deep folk rock song like White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons.

  11. 10. MK Nobilette GOTTA GO NOW, doesn’t belong in this group

    9. Majesty Rose.

    8. Sam Woolf.

    7. Alex Preston.

    6. Malaya Watson.

    5. Jessica Meuse.

    4. Dexter Roberts.

    3. C.J. Harris.

    2. Jena Irene.

    1. Caleb Johnson.
    Caleb is #1 by a wide margin….

  12. 1. Jena
    2. Jessica
    3. Dexter
    5. CJ
    6. Malaya
    8. Sam
    9. Majesty
    10. MK
    Jena Irene for the WIN!!!!!!!!!

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