American Idol 2014 Finalists: Get to Know Your Top 13!

We’ve finally reached the first round of the American Idol 2014 finals! If you haven’t already picked out your favorite to win this year, the next few live performances should help you decide which singer to start throwing your votes behind for season 13. Meanwhile, why not to get to know a little more about all of the American Idol season 13 finalists?

1 American Idol 2014 Finalists Top 13

We’ve been watching most of the contestants from way back before the first auditions even aired this season, thanks to a leaked list of Hollywood Golden Ticket winners from The Idol Pad. So we had a chance to dig up some background info about them before everything out there in the Net became about them being on American Idol.

We’ve compiled all this background info and all their performances and videos on their contestant profile pages, which you can view by clicking on their names below.

American Idol 2014 Finalists Photo Gallery
(Click names for full profiles and performance videos):