American Idol 2014 Top 9 Elimination Results [VIDEOS]

In our American Idol results show recap tonight, the season 13 Top 10 contestants will be slashed down to just nine remaining finalists. After a dismal showing from many of the finalists last night, we aren’t sure who will be the one who was eliminated on American Idol tonight. We honestly wouldn’t be surprised no matter who went home on American idol 2014 tonight.

Sam Woolf on American Idol

Well, we take that back, we would probably be surprised if Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston, or Dexter Roberts ended up as the one who got voted off American Idol 2014 tonight. Caleb and Alex had two of the best songs this week, and Dexter is sailing along right now with a strongly loyal fan base and solid performances. Pretty much anyone else, however, could very well end up in the bottom three this evening.

While our prediction before tonight’s show was that MK Nobilette would run out of her nine lives this evening, we would not be shocked if she made it through another week. Her fans keep managing to pull her up into the safe zone week after week despite mediocre performances. If MK doesn’t get the boot, then we’d probably have to guess at either Majesty Rose York or CJ Harris being the one who went home on American Idol this time.

Honestly though, it could just as easily be Sam Woolf or even Jessica Meuse who drops off the board this evening, although we doubt it. The problem is that none of the contestants are really giving us consistently terrific, wow moment performances. We don’t really know who to consider the front-runners yet, or who should be guaranteed safe until the final five at least.

Hopefully we’ll have a clearer idea of how all the contestants stand after the American Idol voting results tonight.

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And here we go!

First up we have a video intro with the Top 10 talking about their performances last night over dinner. Everyone thought it was funny when Ryan impersonated Caleb.¬†Then we have host Ryan Seacrest introducing the judges to a roaring audience this evening. Then it’s on to the first results!

Mentor Randy Jackson was glad Malaya did not play the piano last night because it helped her connect better with the audience. However, he did not think Dexter did as good a job and fell flat. We feel the foreshadowing for Dexter when Ryan announces that he has a video message for him from Florida Georgia Line.

Malaya, Dexter, and Jessica are the first finalists up tonight to learn their fate. We don’t think Jessica will be in the bottom three, but anything goes for the other two.

The votes are announced and the first person on the bottom three tonight is… Dexter Roberts. Jessica and Malaya are safe.

Now we have a break with Jennifer Lopez coming out from behind the American Idol judges table to perform her new single “I Luh Ya Papi.” She is joined on stage by former contestants Pia Toscano, Jessica Sanchez, and Allison Iraheta.

Honestly, we enjoy them all harmonizing in the beginning more than we usually enjoy anything by J-Lo. American Idol girl band anyone? French Montana pops up as another surprise, but other than the fun of having everyone on stage together, it’s kind of a mediocre song.

Caleb Johnson, Majesty Rose York, and Alex Preston are the next finalists to learn their voting results tonight. Randy talks about how Majesty just looked uncomfortable last night, which we agree with. Randy loves Alex’s performance though. Before we get to the results, Caleb apologizes very seriously for making a peanut allergy joke.

Ryan announces that Alex Preston will be safe tonight, but taking a seat in the bottom three will be… Majesty Rose York! Caleb Johnson is, of course, also safe and heads back to the couch with Alex.

Time for another guest performance, this time picked by Harry Connick Jr. He invited the band Royal Teeth from New Orleans to come and play. We aren’t really digging them so much and really wonder about the guest performances this year. None of them are really spectacular. To each their own taste though.

MK Nobilette, CJ Harris, Sam Woolf, and Jena Irene Ascuitto are up next to learn what the voters decided. And despite a rather tepid performance last night, Ryan announces that the first person in this group that is safe is CJ! Also safe tonight is Jena Irene! The last person not in the bottom three this evening is… Sam Woolf!

That means Dexter Roberts, Majesty Rose York, and MK Nobilette are in the bottom three.

She will sing for the save from the American Idol judges, but we doubt they are going to give it to her.

The judges actually look serious about discussing this save more than they have before. J-Lo seems to be tearing up. But in the end, they decide not to use the save. MK Nobilette has been eliminated on American Idol 2014.




  1. I wouldn’t be against Majesty being in the bottom, if there was a bottom four. But, in a world where not both MK and CJ are in the bottom 3, I think she should be safe. I have to imagine CJ wasn’t safe by much though.

  2. Although I will say that MK singing for the save was the best she’s ever sounded (she sounded fantastic), it didn’t really matter. The judges know whether or not they’re going to use the save every time before the contestant starts singing. And realistically, they couldn’t save MK. She’s been pretty subpar after week and there’s just no way she was going to win. The save should only be used in case of a fluke result where one of the frontrunners gets voted off. From the looks of it, Keith and Jennifer wanted to save her but Harry voted them down. It probably wasn’t the easiest thing for him to do, but it was a good call on his part.

    • Jennifer wants to use the save EVERY week! It is ridiculous. I really question her judgment this year! Yes, you can only use it in the fluke instance that one of the front runners gets voted off. In my opinion, they should only use it on Alex, Caleb, and possibly Jena

  3. Thought MK should have already left. However she sang so much better than CJ. He wasn’t even in the bottom 3. Don’t get it.

    • CJ killed it last week though! I think fans are still remembering that and how good he CAN be. MK’s performances have always been mediocre. I’m sure CJ was safe not by much and only because of his performance last week. He needs a solid performance next week. Majesty and Jessica should be the next two to go. Neither of them would have ever made it this far in previous years!

  4. my thoughts to this are they should have sent all of them home and started over none are talented to me the ones that was good was let go before the tv rounds american idol has turned into a joke now and they dont critique you on your voice anymore its more 50 50 on voice and looks and i personally think it is wrong speaking for myself none can sing even the fan favorite caleb he screams when he sings all the way to the women they sound like they are pushing the voice out and thats not talents singing comes naturally not to be strained to get it out

    • I like Dexter and Caleb out of all of them but I hear what you’re saying, I feel both these guys would be able to sell their music. I’m not sure about the others. Ben was good also.

  5. Openly gay perfomers will never make when acceptance is based on public approval. America does not agree with this lifestyle and will not allow the win. San Fran loves her though and she will be happy once back at the “Homesexual Mothership.”

  6. All I could pay attention to was Hollie Cavanagh in the crowd in the results video

  7. American Idol is on self-destruct. Lousy singers and overpaid judges and host. The goal is to find talented people but this year is a total fail. I used to watch this show religiously. Now I read articles or watch the last 5 minutes.

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