American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 7 Finalists Revealed!

The American Idol 2014 spoilers for the Top 7 finalists will be revealed tonight and we’ll bring the results right here live as they are announced! This time around there will be no last chance to avoid elimination on the American Idol results show. The judges have already used their one save of the season, and someone will be going home this week!


Even though Sam Woolf was the person who got voted off American Idol last week, only to be saved by the judges, we don’t think he will be the finalist who gets the boot tonight. In our American Idol elimination results prediction earlier today, we actually pegged the bottom three tonight as most likely to be Malaya Watson, Dexter Roberts, and CJ Harris.

Sam’s performance on Wednesday night was somewhat improved and received a mostly positive response from the American Idol judges. Plus, every Sam fan of varying degrees out there probably cast all their votes for him last night to make sure he didn’t end up on bottom again this week. Sometimes being on the bottom can actually give you a boost for a week or two when your fans realize they need to get off their butts and vote if they want to save you.

With Sam probably going to be safe tonight, or at least not in last place, our prediction was for CJ Harris to probably be the one who went home on American Idol this week. He’s been riding in the low end of the pack far too long and his performance on Wednesday was not particularly fabulous. This very well may be CJ’s final night on the show.

Or may not. The final results are in, and things certainly did not go as many were predicting!


Bottom Two:

  • CJ Harris
  • Malaya Watson


  • Malaya Watson




  1. Not much of a surprise who was in the bottom two and ultimately who went home. I predict CJ will be going home next week.

  2. Let’s face it..we all like different singers because we all have different taste in music. I really like Alex…he is unique and sounds like no-one I’ve heard before. Caleb is a great singer…but I don’t care for his kind of music. It’s nothing against him personally. Malaya has a beautiful voice..but sounds like so many others I’ve heard. In my opinion… CJ should have gone home. He is off key more than he is on…that being said, he’s a nice person, just not my choice, but I base it on singing.

    • Yes, we all have different tastes… Personally, I like CJ – his soulful sweetness & I like Jessica- except her hair – loved her original song and she is so pretty – love her smile. The rest have good qualities- just not my interest. Alex can really play his guitar – loved the intro to his song this week. Dexter was great this week but there are many more country singers I would rather hear perform and there are so many new country singers. Sam is going to be a really handsome man someday with that shyness and his talent, I’m sure he will be a real knockout. Caleb’s looks to me are distracting – hair and his over the top personality… but he is talented and I’m sure he will be a front man for a rock band someday soon. I’m not into Jena’s style. Anyone can win… most of the winners turn out to be duds… runners up seem to have the best careers.

  3. Malaya was great, but I think America got it right. She is so young and so talented. I think CJ or Dexter could have gone before her, but none of the 3 are gonna win. It will come down to Caleb Alex and Jena. CJ and Dexter will be the next to go and then Jessica. I am still shocked by the love Jessica gets. Great vocals! But she cannot connect and seems she couldn’t care less about the other contestants. Smiles when she shouldn’t. Etc., etc, anyway it’s sad to see anyone go at this time. Malaya was no shocker. I’m just thankful Alex didn’t didn’t go. That would’ve been a huge upset! JLO showed disgust when Alex was safe. I’ve lost all respect for her!! She clapped for all the other safe ppl.

    • She is not the same as when she was on in 2012. I see what you mean… She makes a lot of faces, smirks and does this ridiculous goosey neck to the music and so full of herself… I don’t know what happened to her (?).

  4. I think they got it right…for me she’s been hitting a lot of flat notes on the duets! I think Caleb is the next A-I! Malaya will do just fine with all the exposure she’s received on the show and when she goes on tour she’ll receive even more.

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