American Idol Spoilers: American Idol 2015 Top 48 Revealed!

The American Idol 2015 spoilers on the season 14 Top 40 have been revealed! Our friends at notoriously reliable American Idol spoilers source The Idol Pad have given us the list of contestants who reportedly survived Hollywood Week to make the American Idol 2015 Top 40. We are seeing some truly killer talent on this list, which makes us very excited for the new season in January!

American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban
American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban – Source: FOX

We are still compiling our list of which hopefuls received a Golden Ticket to American Idol Hollywood Week 2015, but meanwhile, we can reveal the big spoilers on who survived to make it through to the next round. There are a handful of familiar faces you’ll probably remember from previous seasons, as well as a slew of fabulous new talent.

The American Idol judges seem hardcore on really bringing up the talent level this season after complaints from fans last year that it was lacking. From what we’ve seen so far on YouTube and other social media sources from the reported Top 40 contestants, it looks like they were listening. We’re far more excited about this crop of singers already than last year’s Top 40!

So who made it through the grueling trials of American Idol 2015 Hollywood Week to earn a spot in the next round? Check out the list below and start picking out your favorites!

Update: Wow! American Idol has expanded its semi-finalists up from the Top 40 to the Top 48 with 26 of those being females versus 22 guys in the mix. That’s a strong advantage to the ladies heading in to the big cuts ahead!

Top 26 Ladies

1. Adanna Duru
2. Alexis Gomez
3. Anjelika Joseph (aka Jelly) – Facebook, Fan Page, TwitterYouTube
4. Ellen PetersenFacebook, Twitter, YouTube
5. Emily Brooke – WebsiteFacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube
6. Erica Washington – Facebook, Fan Page, TwitterYouTube
7. Erika Davis
8. Hannah Mrozak – WebsiteFacebookFan Page, TwitterYouTubeiTunes
9. Hunter Larsen – Facebook, Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube
10. Jackie Cole (aka Jax Cole) – Facebook, Fan Page, TwitterYouTube
11. Jaq MackenzieFacebook, Twitter, YouTube
12. Joey Cook – WebsiteFacebook, Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube
13. Kalynne Schoelen (aka Kalynne Michelle) – Facebook, Fan Page, TwitterYouTube
14. Katherine Winston – Website, Facebook, Fan PageTwitterYouTube
15. Loren Lott (aka Loren Sharice) – FacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube
16. Lovey James – WebsiteFacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube
17. Maddie Walker (aka Madisen Walker) [AI13 HW] – Facebook, Fan Page, TwitterYouTube
18. Maddy Hudson – Facebook, Fan Page, TwitterYouTube
19. Monica Laire Pidoy Mendoza
20. Najah Lewis – FacebookFan Page, Twitter, YouTube
21. Nalani Quintello [AI13 GM] – FacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube
22. Rachael Hallack – WebsiteFacebookFan PageTwitterYouTubeiTunes
23. Sarina-Joi Crowe [AI10 HWAI12 HW, & AI13 GM] – FacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube
24. Shannon Berthiaume
25. Shaina ‘Shi’ ScottFacebook, Twitter, Youtube
26. Tyanna Jones – Facebook, Fan Page, TwitterYouTube

Top 22 Guys

1. Adam Ezegelian – Facebook, Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube
2. Hollywood Anderson (aka Anderson Footman) – FacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube
3. Casey Thrasher [AI13 Top 30]  – FacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube
4. Clark Beckham – WebsiteFacebookFan PageTwitterYouTubeiTunes
5. Cody Fry – WebsiteFacebookFan PageTwitterYouTubeiTunes
6. Daniel Seavey  – Facebook, Fan Page, TwitterYouTube
7. Hector Montenegro – WebsiteFacebook, Fan Page, TwitterYouTube
8. Jessie Nunn III – Facebook, Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube
9. Josh Sanders [AI11, AI12 HW]- Facebook, Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube
10. Mark Andrew Pudas – [The Voice 2012WebsiteFacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube
11. Michael Simeon Smith [AI13 HW] – Website, Facebook, Fan PageTwitterYouTubeiTunes
12. Nick Fradiani Jr. [AGT 2014] – FacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube
13. Qaasim Middleton – FacebookTwitteriTunesYouTube
14. Quentin Alexander
15. Rayvon Owen – WebsiteFacebookFan PageTwitterYouTube
16. Reno Anoa’i – Facebook, Fan Page, TwitterYouTube
17. Ricky Hendricks – Facebook, Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube
18. Riley Bria – Facebook, Fan PageTwitterYouTube
19. Savion Wright [AI13 GM] – WebsiteFacebookFan PageTwitterYouTubeiTunes
20. Tion Phipps
21. Trevor Douglas Haueisen – Facebook, Fan PageTwitterYouTube
22. Zack Kaltenbach – Facebook, Fan Page, TwitterYouTubeiTunes