American Idol 2015: Meet Top 48 Guys [Photos]

The American Idol 2015 season’s Top 48 contestants were partially revealed last week as many, but not all, of the results were shown during the Judges’ decisions. Here’s a closer look at which of the Hollywood round guys made the cut.

American Idol 2015 Top 48 Guys from Hollywood Week
American Idol 2015 Top 48 Guys from Hollywood Week – Source: FOX

While there may be a Top 48 this season it does not split evenly, according to our spoilers source. Originally expected to be a Top 40 there were an extra 8 singers added to the mix with 6 girls and 2 boys joining the elite group. Looks like American Idol is still trying to stack the deck in favor of the ladies, huh?

Here is the preliminary list of the Top 48’s Guys for Season 14 based on preseason spoilers. We’ll watch this week to verify the names included here.

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Get ready to watch these guys perform on Wednesday and Thursday this week as part of the Idol Showcase on American Idol 2015.