American Idol 2018 Schedule: Short Season & No Results Shows

American Idol judges & host on ABC

The American Idol 2018 schedule has been set for ABC’s debut of our favorite singing competition show with the series kicking off on its new home Sunday, March 11, 2018!

Idol’s new season will run for possibly eleven weeks with episodes airing back to back nights on Sundays and Mondays for the first seven weeks before shifting back to just one night a week starting April 29th. A season finale date is likely expected on Sunday, May 20th but has not yet been confirmed by ABC. (I nearly typed FOX there. I’m still getting used to that.)

American Idol 2018’s approach for the auditions and live shows will use the first seven weeks, with twice a week episodes, to deliver the auditions and Hollywood Week episodes. Then after those are done the season will shift to live shows with the once weekly events.

This year there will be no separate results show, but that’s not shocking since they were dropped back during the last seasons on FOX. It is disappointing that they didn’t want to go back to a quick 30-minute version though which worked better than that hour long mess on FOX anyway. Ah well.

I’m not terribly encouraged by this arrangement if the hope was to regrow the show back to the realm of its glory days, but maybe they’ll shock me. It’s also worth noting that Idol will be going up against The Voice on Monday nights until it shifts to just one episode a week. Yikes.

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Source: ABC, MJsBigBlog, & @danielletbd