American Idol Recap: Top 24 Results & Duets – Round 1

The American Idol duet performances continued next with another round for each of the returning Idol alumni during Thursday night’s Idol results show.

MacKenzie Bourg and Lauren Alaina, “I Hope You Dance.” And we’re back to weird pairings. Not only is MacKenzie being put next to a country singer, he’s being made to sing a country song. That’s not exactly fair, but if he pulls it off this will say a lot about him. And well, the performance wasn’t great. It was definitely one of his weakest moments so far. But they did have good chemistry, but that might have something to do with Lauren’s obsessive flirting. Harry says this was sweet, but he’s glad that MacKenzie’s performance last night was strong. Keith loves the way he does things and Jennifer thinks it felt mismatched, but weirdly nice.

Gianna Isabella and Nick Fradiani, “Beautiful Life.” This pairing is just whatever, but it’s interesting that they picked Nick’s winning single. Again, the alum outshined that hopeful, by a lot. I would actually say this was Gianna’s worst performance to date and her age showed. At least we didn’t have to hear about Brenda K. Starr this time. Harry is a bit confused by Gianna, but says her gift is special. Wait, there’s her mom. Scratch that.

Avalon Young and Ruben Studdard, “Flying Without Wings.” Ugh, this song? Really? That’s one of the lamest winning songs ever. And I’m sorry, but this girl is going to have to do something with her wardrobe and hair. I know she has the whole “this is who I am” thing going, but come on. You can’t work an office job looking like that so why should you be able to earn millions of dollars looking like that? Sorry, not sorry. See, now I’m distracted. Her vocals were really good, actually making this song better than it is. The judges love her, so she’s clearly moving on.

James VIII and Caleb Johnson, “Gimme Shelter.” This is a pairing that makes sense. A lot of sense. They even look similar. And I liked the song choice. James’ vocals weren’t that great, however. And I think them seeing this pairing could scare them… as in James could win if they let him stay. Harry and Keith think Caleb outshined James, but thinks he did a good job hanging with him.

Jeneve Rose Mitchell and Scotty McCreery, “Gone.” Yeah, this pairing makes sense. I’m not sure why she was dressed like that or why she was allowed to dress like that, but the performance wasn’t bad. I don’t think it was the right song for her, but it gave her the chance to try to make us think it was. That line makes sense if you really think about it, I promise. Keith also thinks it was a bizarre performance. Harry thinks she’s unique and musical but agreed it was a little bizarre. JLo was won over by last night’s performance, so she isn’t really considering this one.

Jordan Sasser and Fantasia, “I Believe.” I’m not surprised this song is being performed since it’s one of the best winning songs ever, but I’m not sure about the pairing. Actually, it doesn’t matter who Fantasia is paired with, she’s going to outshine them. What happened here, however, is Jordan fought so hard to keep up with Fantasia, he looked and sounded very strained. But he definitely gets kudos from me for trying that hard. Jennifer thinks he held his own, but is gushing about Fantasia. Harry agrees and thinks he tried to upstage Fantasia instead of sing along with her. Keith sort of agrees with them.

And now it’s time for some results.

Safe: La’Porsha Renae, Sonika Vaid, Avalon Young, Gianna Isabella, Thomas Stringfellow, MacKenzie Bourg and Jeneve Rose Mitchell.

Eliminated: Emily Brooke, Stephany Negrete, Jenna Renae, James VIII and Jordan Sasser.

What do you think of these results?

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