Who Wins American Idol 2014? Our Prediction From the Top 6!

If you’d asked us two weeks ago, we would have said we were about 90 percent sure that Caleb Johnson would be the singer who won American Idol 2014 in the end. In fact, we kind of did actually say just that. Then, last week… we started to think, wait a minute. There is another potential American Idol winner sneaking up on our favorite rocker guy and he might just want to watch out!

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If you haven’t guessed already from the photo above, we’re talking about Jena Irene Ascuitto, who has ramped up her performances big time the past few weeks. Jena has always been a strong competitor, but suddenly she’s gone from being just the girl who will probably end up in the final three, to a possible contender for the American Idol throne.

The latest American Idol betting odds from Las Vegas show Jena Irene now swooping into the favorite spot to win season 13. She has now overtaken Caleb Johnson in the lead and it’s not even a very profitable bet at this point to put money on her because the return would be kind of crappy. That’s how strongly the betters are putting her as the potential American Idol 2014 winner right now!

American Idol betting odds

Over in our latest American Idol season 13 reader’s poll, Jena Irene is also blowing away the competition after her second straight week of stellar performances. (This latest one got a standing ovation from Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban.) Jena landed a whopping 43 percent of the vote in our poll for favorite performance, taking her up 34 points from the previous week. She smoked the second place winner in our poll, Sam Woolf, who only had a lowly 14 percent of the vote. Caleb Johnson and Alex Preston tied for third place with 12 percent each.

If we take a look at the American Idol Las Vegas odds, our reader’s poll, and the social media standings out there at present, we simply have to give Jena Irene Ascuitto the victory this week as the most likely singer to win. We think former reigning champ Caleb Johnson is going to have to break out of his box a bit and give us more than just a great performance to regain the top spot. He’s just so good that great isn’t going to cut it anymore, he’s going to have to give us ‘wow’.

The big question in our minds right now is who is going to get Dexter Roberts’ votes now that he’s gone? Will the strong Southern voting block split to give a little bit each to — for example — Jessica Meuse, CJ Harris, and Caleb Johnson? Or will the majority unite behind one singer, giving them a huge boost in the weeks ahead going toward the finale?




      • how well can you turds sing? chances are it’s not even a percent as well as her.

      • My entire family is composed of singers and musicians- four of us have multiple records. She screams, she doesn’t sing.

      • I highly doubt that you highly doubt it. I love how you seek me out to berate me, typical Jena fan.

      • What you are saying makes no sense. I don’t seek you out, I particularly don’t like you. Especially cause you just have to make a statement about Jena all the damn time. You belittle her so much it’s ridiculous I guess it’s just your opinion but still… Quit trying to make yourself look like you know everything and you’re not very intellectual in the slightest degree.

      • Seriously? You’re clueless. I’m not intellectual? I went to Columbia, you? I do not belittle Jena, I critique her performances and her persona- as I do ALL of the Idol contestants. I don’t enjoy your presence in the slightest, you’re a gnat.

      • There’s nothing to understand about a person’s who ego is bigger than the mountain before her/him.

      • You’ve reinforced the epitome my preconceived notion that most Ivy Leaguers are stuck up snobs.

        (Hint: Ivy League != Intelligence. Ivy League == Connections or $$. Ditto for Stanferd.)

        I sense jealousy that a non-Ivy-Leaguer, much less, a high-schooler with no chance of becoming an Ivy Leaguer (with multiple records!!) could go so far in American Idol.

        I’m not an Ivy Leaguer, nor do I play one on t.v. But, I know when someone screams into the mic, and when one does not.

        Get off the jealousy bit and try to take a more objective approach.

      • Jealous? Not in the slightest. I have never had a desire to be on a reality show or “sing” in an arena. I’m definitely not a snob, defending myself against someone who loves to attack me on this forum. Also, I have taken an objective approach this entire season, you and Kaz are choosing to only read my posts about the contestant you like- NOT MY PROBLEM! I sense jealousy that you didn’t go to an Ivy League school, I earned scholarships to go to mine.

      • Ok, I took a moment to read back several of your posts in the past couple weeks. I stand by my words; you’re jealous.

        The verbiage you use to describe or point out flaws in Jena’s performances versus the other contestants is quite disparate. Its quite obvious you look down on Jena.

        A sample list of your recent quips regarding Jena:
        She screams, she doesn’t sing.
        She totally botched that song, you’re just blinded by her fake, white teeth.
        Jena totally botched that song
        Jena was awful tonight.
        Jena was horrendous.
        … all better than Jena.
        {Jena} sounds terrible and is so insincere.
        Jena was horrendous.
        Jena is all sorts of odd. Cannot stand her.

        Shall I go on? Own your own words, Ms. Snoot.

      • And not only does Jeeeeeena have a tendency to scream, her lyrics are unintelligible- it’s a mess. I did enjoy her Barracuda performance and several others this season, and I have disliked several from my favorite contestants.

      • Woah, woah, woah! Ivy League does not equal any of those things!! Do not allow one person to make an impression for all of us.

      • Sorry, that ship set sail long ago. Lots of passengers and cargo, too.

        Don’t think its comin’ back either. πŸ™‚

      • KoKo, One of the things I dislike about ANY singer is if they scream when they go in to their high register. A truly good singer can hit those high notes with out screaming. And Jeremy is just rude! One of the reasons all of us who started this 8 years ago quit posting! We used to have a lot of fun. Until they started leaving nasty remarks on here. Have a nice day! Sherry K

      • I agree!! I think being musicians you should understand the value of Alex’s voice. I too have very talented friends.

      • Absolutely, Sam. Alex’s voice is beautiful, as is Sam’s. Their voices are pure and a breath of fresh air, I would buy both of their records of originals in a heartbeat. Regardless of who wins the competition, I believe that Alex and Sam will most definitely have careers in music, on a stage or behind the scenes.

      • I agree she screams. I can’t even understand most of the words she tries to sing.

      • I disagree. Jena doesn’t suck in the slightest you must have awful ears or you don’t have any at all.

      • Jena needs to do a better job with her dress and make-up. She doesn’t play the part of AI very well – she plays a fake contestant trying to win Miss America.

      • What the thunder? Her outfits are fine, but more importantly, her performances are nearly spot on.

        I’ve given speeches to audiences of 200+, debated in panel discussions with other ‘experts’ in my field, and performed on a live stage when I was little.

        There’s a point where one finally gets comfortable being on stage. You get there by a.) knowing your stuff and b.) experience. You can see Jena and Caleb are already there—especially when they can sing stuff they already ‘know’.

        Sam, CJ, Jessica, and even Alex still look timid on stage. Jessica, you can see she’s trying, but its not nearly as authentic as Jena and Caleb. Sam’s about as stiff as a 2″x4″ on stage—there’s next to no hope of ever seeing him loosen up and really perform on stage. Alex really isn’t going to get off his spot much either–stand and stomp the beat of his own song is about all the movement we’re going to see from him. And, CJ – yeah, he’s more fluid simply because he gets lost in his own songs more easily than the others… so lost he loses his pitch. πŸ™‚

        The Miss America pageant thing really has nothing to do with Jena’s style. If anything, she’s dressing to impress ❀Caleb❀ at this point.

      • You said a lot – but you missed what the post was about. Oh! What about Jena’s age and the make-up?

      • It sounds like you suffer from the green monster. Jena is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with her make-up and how she dresses…

      • What the heck does that have to do with her singing? Why does everyone have to base their opinions on their appearance I just don’t get it.. I’m sure plenty of people don’t dress right or knows how to wear makeup right.. Who cares? I only care if their singing is good, and they can make me believe what their singing.

      • If you had singing talent you probably wouldn’t be so judgemental. Jena is not only talented but she has star potential…

  1. Honestly, I have mixed feelings. I love Jessica’s voice the best but she is really awkward on stage. Jena is super talented and Caleb is super entertaining. Too bad we can’t combine the three.

  2. We can go back and forth about who will win, but we have to eliminate someone this week. Will this be the week CJ finally goes home, or will someone who can sing on key be sent home because of CJ’s ability to “connect” with the song and the audience? “Vote for the Worst” must have some secret society this year. This is a singing contest, not an acting contest. Each week Alex marches in place while he sings, and the judges do not tell him to work the stage. Jess, on the other hand, can expect that comment each week. When she does try to move around, she is criticized for it. If Jena picks the wrong song, could she be in danger of going home? Will Caleb make the “old ladies cry” this week? Will Sam do a Rick Nelson song? It’s still a lot about song choice, and there could be some surprises before we get to the top 3.

    • You are absolutely right!! AI is making everyone think it is two people of their choice who are undoubtedly going to win. I have my doubts when I read peoples’ comments.

      • The judges are deliberately building up certain contestants (the power of suggestion) — only to have drama in another show… when they are sent home! Audiences are too smart nowadays…. producers need to stop doing the obvious!

    • No, there is no secret “Vote for the Worst” society that matters anymore. I’ve long held that, at the end of the day, AI is no longer interested in the true vote count anymore. You might have noticed, Ryan’s long since stopped mentioning the ‘vote count’. (But, I think even as far back as Season 7, the true vote count no longer mattered as to who was going, who was staying.)

      AI producers will look at all the metrics – total vote count; who’s getting the most votes from TargetGroupA or TargetGroupB, etc.; who’s getting the most blogged about in internet chat; tweet count; and so on. However, it all comes down to whom they think will make the most money for American Idol – surprise, surprise. A.I. needs to keep viewership at its highest to pay everyone’s salary and keep the show running. Simple formula. Follow the money and you’ll know what the vote count will ‘truly’ be.

      (I made a post to that effect last year on the A.I. website blogs… it was promptly deleted by A.I. staff. So, I quit posting there.)

      • The producers are only interested in drama and a good show….. not who is best! I’m not surprised about the deleted comment!!

      • Yeah, they can’t afford to let that secret out of the bag… they told me “any commentary on the voting process is deleted per A.I. blog management policy”.

        I said, “wonderful, I’m outta here.”

        Haven’t bothered going back since. I’m not going to try to combat the Content Police.

      • That just tells me what I’ve suspected all along….the show is rigged….. voting is irrelevant!

      • Voting is still relevant in that it does influences the producers of the show. But, you have to look at it like the Hunger Games—the audience is never really aware of what’s going on behind the scenes and who’s pulling what strings. Still, the A.I. audience does hold some sway, but the ultimate decision comes down to a few in the A.I. producers’ booth.

    • Is this your first season – ever – watching American Idol? When has the best won? Get over it!

  3. KokoSnoot 40 minutes ago
    SPOILERS: Top 6 Song List!!
    Jessica Meuse- Country: Jolene by Dolly Parton, Rock: Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane
    Sam Woolf- Country: You’re Still the One by Shania Twain, Rock: It’s Time by Imagine Dragons
    Caleb Johnson- Country: Undo It by Carrie Underwood, Rock: Sting Me by The Black Crowes
    CJ Harris- Country: Whatever It Is by Zac Brown Band, Rock: American Woman by The Guess Who (I knew someone would sing it)
    Jena Asciutto- Country: So Small by Carrie Underwood, Rock : Barracuda by Heart
    Alex Preston- Country: Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson, Rock:

  4. Jena for the win but “not’ this week! I blame Randy Jackson for letting Jena do “Barracuda” this week! However, I hope that I’m wrong! Kill it Jena!

  5. My votes go to Sam and Jessica. I love them both and to me just standing behind the mike is not a big deal as long as they sing the song the way they do. I think both of them have a great chance of winning this year. πŸ™‚

      • Listen Kazu, You are a little bitch. So STFU and go away, no one wants to read your sh*t. KoKo is right; Go Caleb and Go Sam! Jena is not going to win!

      • Why don’t you stay out of it, I have nothing against you. I’m just trying to defend my favorite Idol you obviously haven’t heard what he said before. I’m just sick of it. People just think they can criticize them so badly when frankly they aren’t bad or terrible in the slightest. I just like to state my opinion I’m sorry if it bothers you, but I’m going to state what I feel needs to reach them. I love all the other contestants but why can’t every one else? I just don’t understand people and I hope I never do. I dont care if Jena wins I just want her to be treated nicely.

      • I’m aware that she definitely is overrated. But i don’t understand all this hate that goes to her. Sam doesn’t deserve all this hate either.

      • what is wrong with you guys?! It’s just a singing competition!
        anyways my top 3 are

      • You have some nerve telling me to stay out of it when in the breath you tell everyone how much you unapologetically like to state your own opinion. Tell me….what makes your two bit opinion any more valid than mine?! Crawl back in your hole. I have as much right to my opinion as you IF not more so.

    • He and Sam are the two I look forward to seeing each week- I always wonder what they’ll do next!

  6. My rankings based on last night only: 1. Caleb; 2. Sam; 3. Jessica; 4. Jena; 5. Alex

  7. Safe for me based on the Top 6 Performances last night:

    1. SAM
    2. ALEX
    3. CALEB
    4. JESSICA

    Bottom 2:
    1. CJ
    2. JENA


  8. Jena has been my fav from day one and was shocked she barely made it onto the show. But my rankings go
    3- Alex (2 and 3 were swapped until last nts show

  9. Caleb needs to win! Jena is a great singer but doesn’t have to “It” factor for me. Too young and inexperienced. Caleb is a better entertainer at this point. Jena will be someday.

  10. I read a post that said Jena Irene can’t sing. Whoever said that is either
    tone deaf or really just not listening…Jena is a gifted singer and is very likely to win Idol this year!

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