American Idol 2013: Top 10 Girls Elimination Predictions

American Idol 2013 Top 10 Girls

No matter how incredible those Top 10 girls were last night on American Idol 2013, half of them will have to be eliminated on Thursday night. Well, unless there’s some sort of wildcard twist thrown in there after previously being promised that would definitely not happen. But with no where else to go but eliminations it’s worth taking a look and making some predictions on who will be cut.

First up is the “gotta be safe” category. I have no problem putting these girls right on over in to the Top 10 column for American Idol 2013. Angela Miller, Kree Harrison, and Candice Glover. All of these ladies had “wow” performances and should skate right on through.

Angela has been a leading fan favorite for awhile now and last night was another fantastic for her. Kree is proving to be a strong contender and her performance last night should keep her steady. Candice was blessed with the pimp spot just before voting begins which goes great with a knockout performance like the one she had.

Next we’ve got the “danger zone” category where I think these American Idol 2013 singers are most likely safe, but not necessarily. Amber Holcomb, Janelle Arthur, and Aubrey Cleland fall in to the middle column.

Amber’s performance was awesome and she should really be in the first group, but I think she may still be close. Janelle has the country thing going if Kree doesn’t invade that arena too much and those votes are likely to keep her going into next week. Lastly you’ve got Aubrery with a decently strong performance in a crowded field of even better singers. Of course not all three of these ladies can make the cut so if one is knocked out I’d say it’ll be Aubrey. Then again, if that wild card does rear its ugly head then Aubrey could be the one to benefit from it.

In the last group, “set for elimination,” I’ll place the remaining American Idol girls: Adriana Latonio, Breanna Steer, Tenna Torres, and Zoanette Johnson.

Adriana had a downright awful performance last night and while she might be pulling a high portion in our poll I’d attribute that to a return rise in foreign visitor votes. Come Thursday night when foreign votes aren’t counted I think we’ll see a focus on talent rather than unwarranted national pride and Adriana will be cut. Breanna starts with a “b” like the word “boring.” She’s a good singer but so painfully dull with that song choice that she won’t get a chance to correct it next week.

Tenna Torres is another talented singer but one who is going to get pushed out of the way by even more talented voices. Plus her name is spelled “Tenna” but pronounced “Teena” and I’m ready to stop typo’ing that name. Finally we arrive at Zoanette. We laughed. We cried. We had a good run, but the Sanjaya of American Idol 2013 is ready to be cut loose.

Think my predictions are crazy wrong? Share your thoughts and make your own elimination predictions for this week!