This Week On American Idol 2015: Wild Card & Double Eliminations

This week on American Idol 2015 we finally head home to Los Angeles to kick off the finalists rounds when the Top 12 is revealed and the Judges make their Wild Card picks.

American Idol 2015 Judges
American Idol 2015 Judges – Source: FOX

Starting Wednesday, March 11 at 8PM ET/PT we’ll see the return of the Top 16 semi-finalists from last week’s performance shows. Host Ryan Seacrest will announce five guys and five girls who have made it through to the Top 12 based on your votes, America. The last two spots will go to the Judges’ picks. These will be the Season 14 Wild Cards.

Contestants eligible for the Wild Card spots will be limited to those who were voted in to the Top 16. That means last week’s eliminated singers can’t return and we’ve officially seen the last performances from those contestants. As a reminder, here is who was voted off American Idol last week:

Michael Simeon, Riley Bria, Savion Wright, and Trevor Douglas for the guys. Katherine Winston, Lovey James, Shannon Berthiaume, and Shi Scott for the ladies.

Instead the Judges will pick from the six singers who did not receive the top number of votes. While I’d expect the Judges to pick one guy and one girl to round out the Top 12 I don’t know if that’s a requirement for their picks and could depend upon any surprise vote results.

Those twelve finalists will reprise their audition song from the start of the season in a bid to move on to the next round which is coming up the very next night!

Wednesday’s episode will supposedly be taped in advance on Tuesday which would mean American Idol spoilers could be coming up shortly for who went home this week and who made the Top 12.

Then on Thursday starting at 8PM ET/PT the first finalist elimination will be revealed while the Top 11 perform “Party Songs,” according to TIP. The American Idol voting will then reopen for you to get out and support your favorites to help keep them in the competition.

This will be a very busy week on American Idol with two nights of performances and two rounds of eliminations. Stick with us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates so you don’t miss a thing this season.

American Idol 2015: It’s Up To You, America