American Idol Recap: Top 24 Results & Duets – Round 2

Duets and eliminations here on American Idol 2016 as past Hopefuls and Idol winners return to the stage they once called home to be part of a Farewell Season event featuring performances coupled with the Season 15 contestants.

Jordin Sparks sings with Manny Torres on American Idol 2016
Jordin Sparks sings with Manny Torres on American Idol 2016 – Source: FOX

Along with these performances, which were taped last week, we’ll be receiving the official results from judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr. which were leaked soon after. Tonight we’ll learn for sure whether or not the early spoilers were right on who goes home tonight and who will join the Top 14.

It’s a two-hour episode featuring twelve duet performances and mentoring sessions between the past contestants and this season’s crop of singers. Results should come at the very end of the night, but if you can’t wait that long then sneak a peek at our Top 14 spoilers to see who you’ll be watching perform again next week.

Let’s start the show. Who’s up first?

Amelia Eisenhauer and Kellie Pickler, “Suds in the Bucket.” This is a good pairing and what I like about it is that when Kellie is singing, Amelia is playing the fiddle. That’s smart. Of course she shined with the instrument, but Kellie definitely stole the show with the vocals, but Amelia did hold her own. Harry thought the performance was terrific and Keith and JLo agreed.

Kory Wheeler and Haley Reinhart, “Bennie and the Jets.” This was interesting. I don’t think Haley was a good choice as someone to return because she’s just not as seasoned as some of the others. At least it let Kory do his own thing and he wasn’t really outshined. Kory looked great, too. Love that look on him. Keith thought it was a good song and they mashed up well. Jennifer thought it was a nice pairing and a job well down. Harry says this one makes the night two for two.

Lee Jean and Chris Daughtry, “Home.” This is a weird pairing, but it worked. Of course no one can stand next to Chris and show him up, but Lee held his own. He’s definitely a talented kid. It was a solid performance but a little boring. The judges declare this one a victory also. It’s three for three, says Harry and Keith.

CJ Johnson and David Cook, “The World I Know.” I liked this even though I didn’t want to. But just like in his season, David Cook captivated me. CJ wasn’t bad, but I think him standing next to David is just proof one is an American Idol and the other isn’t. Harry says their voices sounded good together. Harry thinks CJ held his own but says it’s not much of a song for them to do something with. Jennifer says it felt kind of mellow compared to the first three.

Manny Torres and Jordin Sparks, “No Air.” This was kind of an unfair pairing because Manny got this song that was actually a duet and he got to sing it with an actual half of the duet. I like that a lot which is the first time I’ve liked a performance by Manny. Keith thinks it was a powerhouse duet and definitely a moment. JLo says it couldn’t have been more perfect. Harry thought it was great as well. Sounds good for Manny.

Jenn Blosil and Constantine Maroulis, “My Funny Valentine.” Well this was terrible. I hated it. So let’s just go to the judges. Well I’m probably alone in hating this because Keith actually gave it a standing O. JLo enjoyed it and Harry thinks it turned into kind of a shouting match (YES, YES it did). And back to Keith: “I freaking loved it,” he said. Meh.

Tristan McIntosh and Kellie Pickler, “Best Days of Your Life.” I didn’t like this performance. I’m not seeing the Tristan appeal, really. I think she comes off as young as she is and that’s distracting. She was pitchy and sharp and not my favorite. Harry thought it was “pretty good” while Keith thought it was tricky for her. Jennifer reminds us that they’ve had their eyes on her (yes, the editing and gushing we’ve seen proves that). So basically this wasn’t a good performance, but they’ll let her through over someone who deserves it more.

Olivia Rox and David Cook,”Light On.” Can we just take Olivia on and leave Jenn behind? I think they’re both competing for the same voters and I think Olivia is so much better. I don’t even like this song but I think Olivia was great with it. She’s good. Keith had nothing but praise. JLo says her voice is phenomenal and Harry says she sings like somebody who knows music.

Adam Lasher and Haley Reinhart, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” I liked this a lot. I thought this was a great pairing and I really liked his voice on this. Sure it was a slow song, but it was very well-done. Jennifer said it was strong and said it came off really well. Harry thought it was lovely but seemed annoyed that Adam sang everything on the beat (it was a bit distracting). Keith thinks Adam was stiff and didn’t loosen up.

Dalton Rapattoni and Chris Daughtry, “Higher Ground.” Well this was energetic at least. I don’t think it was the right song to display someone’s vocals, but it was still fun to watch. Dalton needs to calm down a bit, though. He’s always so wired and it would be nice to see another side of him. Harry says it was solid but lucky to have that band behind him. Keith and JLo are fans.

Trent Harmon and Jordin Sparks, “To Love Somebody.” First of all, love this song, so I’m happy they’re doing it. As for Trent, he is fantastic. He gave me goosebumps, which has only happened once other time in all the time I’ve been watching and recapping American Idol. Love this guy and loved this performance. Keith thought it was a great matchup. Jennifer said that was the Trent she knows and loves and Harry thinks Trent should do the song as a single.

Constantine Maroulis and Shelbie Z, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” This is too big a song for this. Just going to say this right now. OK, maybe not. I actually liked it and thought Shelbie really showcased her vocals on this. Jennifer feels like she lost Shelbie in that performance. Harry thought it was powerful and energetic but didn’t think there was a point of view. Keith agrees. Things aren’t looking good for Shelbie.

The Results





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  1. Jenn and Dalton are my faves and for very different reasons. To me, Jenn would have potential as a jazz artist [think old school Peggy Lee or Dakota Staton]. And Dalton reminds me of Adam Lambert although he looks and sounds nothing like him. I put it down to charisma and plain old likability. Star quality and magnetism can’t be learned and Jenn and Dalton have it.

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