American Idol Season 14 Top 9: Kelly Clarkson Song List Assessment

Kelly Clarkson - Stronger

Well we can’t suggest what the American Idol 2015 song choices for Kelly Clarkson week should be since those were spoiled, so let’s just take a look at who is doing what and who will most likely shine with their choices. But remember, only eight of these nine will be preforming their songs.

  • Clark Beckham – “The Trouble With Love Is.” Clark is going to own this song. He’s going to bust out that soul and he’s going to prove why he’s a front-runner this season. This is probably the best song choice out of all nine.
  • Daniel Seavey – “Breakaway.” This is going to be a mess, I’m pretty sure. But this just isn’t his them anyway because Kelly has a huge voice and he simply does not.
  • Jax – “Beautiful Disaster.” Let’s hope this performance doesn’t live up to its name. I’m kidding. Of course it won’t be a disaster. I think this competition belongs to Jax and so will the night. Unless it belongs to Tyanna.
  • Joey Cook – “Miss Independent.” I knew she’d pick this and I know exactly how it’s going to sound. Quirky and weird. Don’t be surprised if the accordion comes out.
  • Nick Fradiani – “Catch My Breath.” This is a beautiful song and I think it’s a great choice for Nick. I’m curious if he’ll keep that tempo that makes the song special. I’m also curious to see what he does with the high notes. But that’s going to be something all the guys will have to deal with.
  • Qaasim Middleton – “Stronger.” This is going to sound terrible, but I hope the people who took our poll last week are right and we won’t have to hear Qaasim butcher this song. But I have a weird feeling he might still be with us another week.
  • Quentin Alexander – “Dark Side.” I think this is another great song choice. I can see Quentin now making this an eerie and even darker version of this song (because despite the name of this song, it’s not really a dark song).
  • Rayvon Owen – “Since U Been Gone.” Eeek. No one but Kelly Clarkson can sing this huge song. I don’t know if we’ll be able to hear him sing it, though, as I expect him to be heading home this week. Unless Qaasim’s luck has run out again.
  • Tyanna Jones – “Mr. Know It All.” Great song choice for her. It’s sassy just like her. I think she’s going to be the star of the night.

What do you think of the song choices for American Idol 2015 Kelly Clarkson Week?




  1. Quaasim needs to perform (dance it up) so Harry and Co. will tell him again “That’s what we’re looking for”-in an American idol winner. Quentin to go home!

  2. I think it’s a joke that Daniel is singing “breakaway”. I know I’ve been on his case, but enough is enough with the “cute”. Daniel, you may have talent but I just don’t see it. come back in around ten years…if idol is still on.

    • For Jax.. she comes off as a versatile singer who could be construed as a cross between Opus III (without the shaved head), Sneaker Pimps(yet not as under-groundy), & Naimee Coleman — doing something modern. I have high expectations for Jax, yet, I have no idea what to expect.

    • I understand the torture part. I mean, he always overuses his falsetto, and it was annoying, and he wont change. But I hope he can be back to the game this week to show us how good he is actually. Or, just eliminate him soon, so he can produce his own music again, like his Sweatshirt song. Dude you should listen to that song, it is Amazing 🙂

      • I seriously doubt Rayvon could sing anything that’d make my day. Ditto for baby-boy Daniel, spongecake Joey, flat-line Nick, and crop-top Tyanna. All of these singers have so little going for them; Clark’d be decent if he could sing something other than a ballad.

        I’m wondering why they couldn’t find a set of singers like last year.

      • Whoa, little mean dude, but it’s up to you to say what’s on your mind.
        I dont think that last year idol got many good finalists, well except for Jena and Caleb. This year we have many, Clark, Jax, Tyanna, Sarina, Nick, and (well, I should say) Rayvon.

        But everything is inabsolute right… 🙂

  3. Lol, curious to watch Fradiani singing Catch My Breath, I think it will be done well (no sarcasm here). I agree that Tyanna will be awesome singing Mr Know It All (though my prediction was totally wrong when she sang Cirlce of Life – I mean, that song must be suitable for her kinda voice).

    Still have an expectation that Becham will (again) become the most consistent finalist.

    For Rayvon, I dont know man, Since U Been Gone sounds like a wrong choice, maybe I’m wrong, I dont know. Please prove that I’m totally wrong.

    Still rooting for Clark Beckham and Rayvon Owen (along with Sarina Joi, but she had been eliminated so, yeah just those two).


    • Chillax gurl. He absolutely can kill it, just dont give him capslock and 100000 percent, give him 100000 votes. 😉

  5. No Quasim go home. He cant sing. Quentin CAN SING. they aren’t looking for show performers they are looking for recording artists and Quasim is not one.

  6. No offence meant, but this site always seems so anti-Joey, and she is my favorite of them all. Last week was pretty terrible, but she is usually great I think.

  7. Rayvon is just not interesting. I’d rather watch Quasimodo at least he’s a lots of fun

    • Who’s Quasimodo man? Did you watcn the show or not?

      #lol kidding, Qaasim looks fun upstage. Maybe in order to make Rayvon interesting, we can put wig or give gold mic, lol. Kidding again, sorry, cant stop..

  8. Every contestant has two names and Jax is not worthy of just a one name title her name is Jax Cole. She is way overrated.

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