Who Is Going Home On American Idol Tonight? 4/3/2014

CJ Harris

The American Idol 2014 Top 8 took on their audition songs last night and we got some very strong performances out of that.

But the weirdness that is Season 13 continues as voting seems to be all over the place. During the show, Ryan showed us how great C.J. Harris was doing in votes, but he was the very bottom of our poll through most of the night. So needless to say, anything can happen tonight, but I’m still going to nail down who stays and who goes.

* UPDATE: Find out who went home on American Idol this week in our full recap of the Top 8 elimination results show!

Actually, my record has been pretty good this season as far as who goes. It’s those other people in the bottom 3 that keep throwing me off. OK, let’s get to it.

Definitely Safe (I think)

Malaya Watson. She’s finally arrived and settled into the definitely safe category. I can’t believe she fought her way from the bottom to here, but it looks like she has. According to our poll, she was the best performer and I think that will reflect how the votes play out also.

Jena Irene. Like Malaya, Jena has finally found her spot in the competition, too. She went from Wild Card to one of the most popular contestants. I don’t know if she’s going to win the season, but I think she’s certainly safe this week.

Caleb Johnson. Caleb isn’t winning our poll, but I still think America as a whole is voting for him. Either he or Alex should be in this safety spot, but regardless, I don’t think either are going anywhere.

Most Likely Safe (maybe)

Alex Preston. This guy still confuses me, but I really thought his performance last night was solid. So even if he isn’t at the top of the pack, I think that performance is keeping him safe for sure.

Jessica Meuse. This could be the week Jessica finds herself in the bottom. But not because she’s bad, but because we’re running out of choices. But I think she’ll be safe. I think the bottom three this week is pretty predictable.

Possibly the Bottom Three (probably)

C.J. Harris. As I mentioned earlier, Ryan Seacrest revealed that C.J. was doing pretty well in the Facebook votes, but that was early. So I’m just going to ignore those like I have been this whole time. That’s a waste of time. I think C.J. is in trouble.

Sam Woolf. I think Sam’s performance was fantastic and he should not be in the bottom, but our polls put him there and it would fit the pattern the past several weeks.

Dexter Roberts. I’m still confused about why he never caught on with country voters, but that’s what seems to have happened. I think he’ll not be safe this week.

Possibly Going Home

C.J. Harris. He’s losing all the polls I can find and it just makes sense right now. However, I do think there’s a strong possibility the judges will save him. Even though they’ll regret it next week when they can’t save Dexter.

Who do you think will stay and go tonight on American Idol 2014?




  1. I agree and think CJ, Sam and Dexter in the bottom 3. Hard to predict which one will go home. One crazy thought I have is that Caleb could possibly land in the bottom 3, but only because his performances, while great, are getting a little repetitive. I agree with Harry that he should branch out and sing something softer next week. As talented as he is, I am finding the last couple weeks that he is the last one I am looking forward to hearing because they all are starting to sound the same. Also, I think when everyone assumes someone is safe, some voters may slack off a bit and vote for someone else. Just a thought…

  2. Three singers from the same state could explain some of the vote, I can’t rely on busy signals this year some vote before anyone really sings. Dexter may not be in the bottom three this night,

  3. For me, Jessica and Alex are absolutely safe. Malaya, Jena and Caleb are in the middle. Sam, CJ and Dexter are bottom 3 with CJ going home. But I’d be fine with Dexter leaving.

  4. I think CJ should go because he can’t reign in on singing sharp. I think Alex is at the top of the pack. I think the judges want Jena and Malaya. I think having Alex perform last, then going right straight to the AI supervote results, didn’t give people a chance yet to vote for Alex. (HINT TO ALEX FANS: VOTE FOR HIM BEFORE HE SINGS NEXT TIME) .. I think Jena wouldn’t still be there had it not been for JLo’s comments telling people to vote for her. Not that she doesn’t deserve to be there. They seem to look for good actors besides good singers. I agree that Jessica displays the wrong facial expressions, but she is still in my top 3. She, Alex, and Sam write original music. They are all great artists. I don’t go for the rock, the volume, the aggression, or a singer looking like they are going to bust a vein. Lol. Malaya is a great singer, but she should calm that look, and Caleb should tone it down. He is getting tired. Bottom 3? Alex is doing everything right. He even has the “acting” bit down, like when he was singing “to” Jena. Way to go, Alex. Jessica (one of my faves) needed a little angst on her face to sing her duet choice. Smiling and acting like Cher didn’t go with that song. Still, nothing will sway me from thinking she should get a record deal. Sam Woolf is cool.

  5. Im not feeling Dexter, as the voice to win, or Jessica Muese…I think she yoddles too much…Alex is stylistically, original. I think that Sam is got this far on looks and its more of a popularity for him then a voice. I think CJ tries to hard week to week instead of letting it flow from the soul…( he might be in trouble). At this stage of the game . Harry should not be giving him advice…Jena has got stronger and stronger each week with her original voice and array of confidence. Caleb is just kinda boring me..he really does have to sing something more soothing like, Kiss, “Beth” or Steve Perry’s “Oh Sherry!” Malaya is solid…the girl can sing. Alright.. there you have it America , now get it right My vote to go home..Sam! But he will be saved.

  6. I thought Sam did his song better than the original artist. Listen to both, live on YouTube. Sam’s better. He makes better eye contact, too. 🙂

  7. I think your analysis is pretty much dead on. I feel there is a big gap between the top five and the bottom two (CJ and Dexter) with Sam as the wild card. This is almost certainly the deepest top 8 since I started watching seriously 4-5 years ago. I do like both CJ and Dexter, and Dexter certainly helped himself with a strong performance last night, but both have been inconsistent, unlike the top 5. Sam is the only one outside the top 5 that has any chance of winning. He clearly has a lot of talent, but just can’t get over his shyness while performing. He’s got about two more weeks to put it all together, otherwise he’s gone.

    So CJ goes home this week. Just too many weak performances that outweigh his heart and soul. Barring a blockbuster performance, Dexter will be next.

    My personal favorite is Alex, but as you stated, Some people don’t get him, so hard to say if he will make the finals.

    Fearless prediction – Jena will make the finals and will face either Caleb or Alex. But honestly, the season will be a success with any two of the top 5 in the finals.

  8. America just doesn’t get it right yet. CJ is a great guy but he’s not on a par with the better talent this year. Dexter is also a good guy but not on a par either. Alex is the creme of the crop musically though not as bright for America, imagewise. He’s going to make it though, regardless of Idol placement.
    Jessica is solid and enjoyable to watch and listen to. Malaya is also going to make it regardless of Idol placement. Jena is the star to watch here. She’s pulling ahead each week. Sam is a great performer of his songs. Voice and guitar. Who cares that he looks a little nervous. So did Elvis at first. Caleb is a great performer. Judges are right though, he needs to find a way to sound differrent (or perform different). Going home tonight…nobody…CJ’s performance interrupted by Fox News Special Report in midwest. Two will go home next week!

  9. All talented, all really nice young people…but I think Dexter should go home. CJ has a good heart but he he doesn’t wow me at all.

  10. Sometimes the quiet ones are the best. Sam Woolf is a doll AND HE CAN SING. Thye dont all have to prance around the stage and shout.

  11. I think Dexter should be the next to go home…I don’t feel like he’s good at all. Alex, sam,Jenna, and malaya are my favorite.

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