American Idol 2014 Elimination Results Recap: Winner Revealed! 5/21/2014

In the final American Idol results tonight, we’ll at last find out who will take home the crown for season 13. We’ll be covering all the action live as it happens in our American Idol recap of the season 13 finale!


Making our final American Idol prediction for who won American Idol 2014 was one of the toughest decisions we’ve ever had to make for a finale. Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene Ascuitto have been leading the top of the pack through most of the season 13 finals. They’ve traded front-runner status back and forth for weeks. The fan polls and social media stats are neck and neck for who should win American Idol 13.

No matter who won American Idol 2014 tonight and who just came in a very close second, we can see big things ahead for both of these awesome singers. Of course, we still want to know who walked away as the American Idol winner for season 13 anyway!

And here we go! Are you ready to find out your American Idol 2014 winner?

We start off with Jena and Caleb and Jena in the metal audition ‘sweat’ box from the start of the season. Then the Top 2 take the stage to give us a little “We Will Rock You” from Queen and “Just A Girl” from No Doubt and more for their opening number!

After Caleb and Jena are finished, we have the American Idol 2014 judges with Jennifer Lopez as the “sparkling centerpiece” between dashing Harry Connick Jr. and hunky Keith Urban.
Harry Connick Jr. finally gives the Top 2 a standing ovation because the competition is officially over. We have a sweet bit from Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene about how happy they are to be here. Jena is adorable talking about how proud she is of Caleb -and how far they’ve come – awwwhhh!Back from commercial and we have previously eliminated finalist Sam Woolf with a cover of former American Idol winner Phillip Phillips’ “Home.” And then, here comes Phillip himself to sing with Sam!

We’re back from commercial with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland singing “That Girl” and we just love ‘this girl’! And here comes Jessica Meuse to join her on “Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.

After Jennifer and Jess leave the stage, we cut to Randy Jackson telling Ryan Seacrest about the evolution of Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene. Randy says Caleb is “like family” and talks about how Caleb auditioned first way back in season 10 and he’s now like a “wrecking ball.” Jena was shy when she first came in and was a wild card, but now she’s grown by leaps and bounds.

Now we have the first of the American Idol judges on stage with Jennifer Lopez singing “First Love” and WOW what an outfit she is wearing!

More commercials and a silly quiz about Harry Connick Jr.’s poker face and we are back with Caleb Johnson and KISS on “Love Gun/Shout It Out Loud”! Oh we just can’t even stand how awesome this is!
Before our next performance, we have a hilarious “American Idol Bad Lip Reading” video from the infamous folks over at We love their videos, they are way too funny.

Next up we have Aloe Blacc on stage with the Idol Guys Ben Briley, C. J. Harris, Sam Woolf, Dexter Roberts up joining him on “The Man”.

Then we have a silly Ford commercial disguised as Sam Woolf and Majesty Rose York fulfilling the ‘star riders’ for Caleb and Jena. Riders are when famous people ask for ridiculous stuff like white kittens or only blue M&Ms. At the end, we have jena and Caleb getting their brand new Ford Mustang cars.After getting their cars, Jena and Caleb get to reward their musical mentors with cars of their own. Jena gives a car to her choir director, Dr. Sheri Jaffurs, and Caleb gifts the guitar player in his band, Josh Sawyer.

Now we have Demi Lovato up on stage with the Idol Girls for “Don’t Really Care/Neon Lights” — love seeing Demi!

We’re back from another commercial break and we have a brief bit about the American Idol Live Tour with 40 tours across the country. Find out more information at

Next up we have Jena Irene with Paramore on “Decode” and she’s back behind the piano where we love her best.

After Jena and more commercials, we have John Legend with “You And I” and this is just lovely. He’s then joined by Malaya Watson for “All of Me” — we missed you Malaya!

Now we have a montage of Ryan Seacrest reviewing through the American Idol auditions. And then on to Alex Preston and Jason Mraz on “Love Someone” and we are reminded why we love Alex.

What? Host Ryan Seacrest is going to perform “Right Here Waiting For You” by Richard Marx. He is terrible and it is hilarious… and then we have the real Richard Marx on stage! Wow, I haven’t seen him in, well, forever. And he is actually singing WITH Ryan, LOL!

Then we have a silly montage about all of the American Idol judges. Showing off Jennifer’s fashion, Harry Connick Jr.’s over-the-top musical ‘knowledge’, and Keith urban’s silly and offbeat commentary.

Now we welcome two-time Grammy winner Darius Rocker on ‘True Believers” and then he’s joined by C. J. Harris and Dexter Roberts for “Allright.”

Back from another break and we have Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene with a very brief duet on “Need You Now” followed by Lady Antebellum with their new single “Bartender.”

For the last guest performance of the night we have mentor Randy Jackson with Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban in an American Idol first singing “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. And then we slide into a medley of more tunes with everyone getting their turn on lead. Pretty awesome actually.

Another commercial break and hopefully we will have the final American Idol results in just a moment!

American Idol Finale Results For Season 13:

Here we go, host Ryan Seacrest has asked for the envelope with the name of the winner. Let’s dim the lights and find out who won American Idol 2014…

Believe it or not, a rocker has won American Idol 2014! Caleb Johnson is your new American Idol 2014 winner!

What a huge celebration! Everyone is hugging Caleb and he can’t even start singing his victory song because he is so emotional and everyone is crowding around him on stage. Finally he breaks free and starts singing and walking through the crowd to find his family for more hugs. Confetti flies down from the ceiling like it’s the Macy Day’s Parade!

Caleb’s album will be released on August 12 and you can download the first single right now on iTunes.

Caleb Johnson wins American Idol 2014! Jena Irene is this season’s runner-up. Congrats to both contestants!