American Idol 2014 Top 13 Results Show Recap: Some Surprising Cuts Made


American Idol 2014 Rush Week came to a dramatic close as we learned who America wanted in their Season 13 Top 13.

And just like the judges’ decisions earlier in the week, America threw us a few shockers.

Ryan started off the results show right away. The first person to make it into the Top 13 is my season favorite Malaya Watson. I’m very happy with that. The second person announced as a Top 13 member was Ben Briley.

Emily Piriz took the next Top 13 stool followed by Alex Preston. The fifth person called to be a part of the Top 13 was Jessica Meuse. Dexter Roberts got the next spot and he was followed by Caleb Johnson.

Majesty Rose took the next stool, leaving only two spots for America’s Top 10. Those two spots were filled by MK Nobilette and Sam Woolf.

So the most surprising slights by America were C.J. Harris and Jena Irene. Also surprising to some but not me were Spencer Lloyd and Marialle Sellars. It shouldn’t be surprising because Spencer and Marialle’s performances were way off this week. So it makes perfect sense to me.

But it’s not over for them yet. The judges asked five of the remaining 10 to perform for their three wild card spots. Below are those performance recaps.

Wild Card Performances

C.J. Harris, “Bring It On Home To Me.” I thought America would get behind C.J., but they didn’t. So I’m glad he got the chance to sing for one of the last spots. His performance was a bit shaky, but he’s got so much soul and talent, that I think it’s just fine. But Harry Connick Jr. didn’t love it. Performance Grade: B+

Jena Irene, “Unbreakable Me.” If the judges don’t keep her, they’re insane. Those were the lines I wrote in my notes while watching this episode. And I mean it still. Her performance was flawless. It’s not only an original song, but she was on the keyboard and was 100 percent comfortable on the stage and brought it. Great. Performance Grade: A+

Spencer Lloyd, “No Ordinary Girl.” I didn’t love the song. I think he should’ve performed “Say Something” from Hollywood Week, but instead he chose this weird non-singy song with only like five lyrics. Was that an original song or just one I’ve never heard? Performance Grade: C

Bria Anai, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” Now that’s how you sing for your life. Not only was the song choice right, but everything about her performance was as well. Great job. Performance Grade: A+

Kristen O’Connnor, “Unconditionally.” Nope. Not Katy Perry. Not at this moment. Sing a singer’s song. NOT a manufactured studio artist. No, No. No. Performance Grade: C

Of those five wild card performances, the judges decided to put Jena Irene, Kristen O’Connor and C.J. Harris into the American Idol 2014 Top 13.

What do you think of America’s choices and the judges’ decisions?