Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2014 Tonight?


Last night the American Idol 2014 took on songs from the Top 10 charts, so we might see things get back to normal after some crazy voting outcomes last week.

Or maybe not. Maybe last week’s voting shift is a sign of how the rest of the season is going to play out. But I think we’ll see a little of both, actually. You’ll see what I mean in my elimination prediction below. As always, these are just predictions based on stats from last week, polls from this week and my overall expertise in this area.

Definitely Safe (I think)

Alex Preston. He made a great move last night with the One Direction song. That choice along with his already steady safety should keep him very secure tonight.

Malaya Watson. She had another good week and just keeps building momentum despite a close call the first week. And here people thought I was crazy when I called her one of my favorites before the live shows got going.

Caleb Johnson. As if he wasn’t already solid with voters, he covers a Lady Gaga song. Great move on his part.

Who is going home tonight on American Idol 2014?

Most Likely Safe (but still at risk)

Dexter Roberts. Normally I wouldn’t put him here, but he’s doing terribly in our poll. I still think he has enough country music fans pulling for him that he’s fine.

Sam Woolf. He was in the bottom last week, but I think he’ll regain his safe spot after this week’s performance.

Jena Irene. Like Malaya, I think Jena is gaining momentum after a rocky start. I think she’ll be ok again this week after her song choice and performance.

Jessica Meuse. I don’t think her song choice will effect her the way the judges were suggesting it might. Most voters weren’t paying attention to the lyrics. I think she’s safe, but maybe I’m wrong.

Possibly the Bottom Three

MK Nobilette. Her one week break is over, I think. Her Pink cover did her no favors this week.

C.J. Harris. Last night was probably C.J.’s worst performance ever, so that didn’t help him out any, I’m sure.

Majesty Rose. There’s a possibility Majesty is safe this week, but I’m not so sure after last week’s placement and last night’s performance.

Probably Going Home

MK Nobilette. I think her nine lives are up. I think this week she goes. And the judges won’t save her.

Who do you think will be safe and who do you think will go home tonight on American Idol 2014?