American Idol 2015 Top 11 Round 2 Rankings: Reader Results

A second round of the Top 11 on American Idol 2015 gave us quite a mix up from the previous week when we saw big changes in readers’ reactions to the American Idol Hopefuls’ Move Night performances. All this could lead to a big surprise at the next elimination.

Rayvon Owen performs for your American Idol vote
Rayvon Owen performs for your American Idol vote – Source: FOX

While several contestants held steady to the first Top 11 rankings we saw a big shift for several of the singers from last week’s results that accurately placed Qaasim Middleton in the bottom seat.

Rayvon Owen climbed six spots to second behind Clark Beckham who moved up to the top of American Idol 2015 for our readers while Joey Cook held on to her third place seat. Seems America may be warming up to Joey’s quirky side as she’s toned down just how quirky she’ll go on stage.

Qaasim Middleton had the best improvement this week moving up seven spots to fourth place after the Judges Save put him back in the race and his fans rallied to support the endangered singer. Maddie Walker enjoyed her own rise of four places after fears of illness might have kept her from performing last week.

On a downward trend we again find Jax who fell two spots for the second straight week of American Idol. She’ll need a big moment in the coming week to stop the support-bleed eroding her former top rank placement.

The biggest change in either direction this week for Season 14 goes to Tyanna Jones who fell nine spots to end up second to last after a troubled performance of “Circle of Life.” I had big hopes for Tyanna as one of my favorites in the competition, but it looks like I wasn’t the only one let down by how she performed that night.

Adanna Duru is again at the bottom of our American Idol 2015 charts here, but with Tyanna falling so far so fast we may have a shocker result on Wednesday’s American Idol. If that happens then the Judges could likely regret using their Save last week.

American Idol Top 11 Round 2 – Reader Rankings:

  1. Clark Beckham (+1)
  2. Rayvon Owen (+6)
  3. Joey Cook (+0)
  4. Qaasim Middleton (+7)
  5. Maddie Walker (+4)
  6. Jax (-2)
  7. Nick Fradiani (-2)
  8. Daniel Seavey (-2)
  9. Quentin Alexander (-2)
  10. Tyanna Jones (-9)
  11. Adanna Duru (-1)

Any surprises for you in our reader results of the American Idol 2015 performance poll this week?




  1. Why do the judges have a say in America’s votes? Were not appealing to them. The saves are so stupid sometimes, especially when wasted on a contestant.

    • Well, we don’t vote, e.g, on who we thought was 2nd or 3rd best. I think that is one reason why they used the save on Qaasim.

      The other reason they use the save on Qaasim – he’s by far their most Attention Grabbing Performer. Yeah, he may not be as good vocally—as some have often mentioned—but, he has a stage presence and performance that few can match.

      Can you recall the end of Season 12, Top 4? 4 stand-and-deliver divas singing ballad after ballad after ballad. How about the top 4 from Season 11? I mention it because those seasons, season 9 ~ 12 were some of the most dull episodes in terms of ‘performance’. Yes, there were bouts of decent singing, maybe even a standing ovation here-&-there. Season 8 & 13 stand out in my mind for the spectacular performances given by a few of the contestants—ones that were able to mix performance with singing ability.

      Back to my point – without Qaasim, we’re down to a group of singers, some good, some not-so-much, that do not show a lot of promise for performance.

      If viewers were allowed to make separate categorical votes, such as: Best Vocal, 2nd Best Vocal, Best Performance, 2nd Best Performance, etc., then A.I. would have no need for the ‘Save’.

      • If you can call smiling and looking like an idiot with his “dance” moves with a microphone, barely letting his voice come out “stage presence” We’re not watching the same show, pal. I came here to listen to great singers, who can actually make the song not like a karaoke fest. No originality with Qassim and a few others. If Qassim was eliminated, it wouldn’t change squat. I just got through 38 seconds of his awful performance tonight, can’t even stand his performances. Someone is pulling strings to keep that joker on the line.

      • How much attention did they throw at Qaasim dropping the ‘Silver Mic’ the week prior?

        Did they do the same with Caleb when he had to dive for the mic he dropped accidentally mid-performance last year? No, hardly a mention were it not for the judges jibing him about it.

        Season 14 is so Void of anything dramatical, its deplorable.

        Last night’s performance by Qaasim was a joke. He did himself no favors for the save he earned the week prior (which WAS a decent performance).

      • By the way, amigo, if you are watching for ‘great singing’, 2 of this season’s best were quietly ushered off stage last night.

      • Maddie needed confidence.. that was her biggest deterrent.

        No one else consistently thanked the band, producers, judges, … everyone, like Maddie did.

        Maddie is a better singer than many of the remaining group. She was (in my opinion—don’t know why, but I always feel the need to stress that in these opinion pages) one of the Top 4 or 5 best singers this season. Adanna is/was also one of the Top 4 or 5 singers this season.

  2. Matthew, you gave us the readers’ rankings, but what do you rank the contestants.

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