American Idol 2015 Top 24: What Should The Guys Sing?


Tonight on American Idol 2015 the guys are set to take the stage with songs from Motown. Of the Top 12 guys, only eight will be performing, however. But since we don’t know which wight it will be, I’m going to be making song suggestions for each one.

So what should the American Idol 2015 Top 8 guys sing this week? Let’s take a look.

Adam Ezegelian: “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. You know someone is going to sing it. He needs something high-energy, so this could be great for him.

Clark Beckham: “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. Think about it: A nice, laid-back song for a nice laid-back performer. He could make this his own with ease. Perhaps just an acoustic version would work well and give him that Idol moment early on.

Daniel Seavey: “My Girl” by The Temptations. If Daniel does sing this, I’ll be shocked. I don’t think it will be a great song choice for him, but I think it’s the meaning of the song that will appeal to him and producers. He’s being sold as sort of a mini-heartthrob, so I think this would be the song for him.

Mark Andrew: “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye. For some reason this song just makes me think of him. I think instead of the Gaye version, though, he should give us more of a Credence Clearwater Revival version. That would be more up his alley and still stick to the theme.

Michael Simeon: “You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me” by The Miracles. This is another version I can see being stripped down to just the guy and his guitar. This might be a good week for Michael to amp it up, but I still think this song would be great for him. He can amp it up next week instead.

Nick Fradiani: “Hello,” by Lionel Richie. Actually, this might be a horrible idea. But if done right, this could be a great performance. It just has to be completely modernized, though.

Qaasim Middleton: “War” by Edwin Starr. This could be a tricky song for anyone, but if anyone is to do it, I think it could be Qaasim. It has the right energy for him, that’s for sure. This is sort of a theme made for Qaasim, so I could see him going many, many different ways if not this song. Maybe even “Super Freak” by Rick James.

Quentin Alexander: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder. I think someone will sing this song (maybe even one of the girls), but I think it would be a good choice for Quentin. It’s a great song that even someone who has never heard can enjoy. And it’s upbeat and fits Quentin’s energy.

Rayvon Owen: “Reach Out (I’ll Be There)” by The Four Tops. I love this song and I could see several other of the guys doing it as well. But I think it would suit Rayvon perfectly. He has the look and sound of someone from the Four Tops heyday, so I would love to hear him do this.

Riley Bria: “Mercy Mercy Me” by Marvin Gaye. I don’t know if Riley will be performing in this episode but I’m pretty sure he’ll do something slow and mellow, so this would be a sweet choice for him (even though I’ve picked a lot of Marvin Gaye).

Savion Wright: “The Tracks of My Tears.” I had a hard time with Savion because a lot of the songs I thought of for him, I’d already given to other people. But I think this one would have the right energy for him and it could show a different side of him.

Trevor Douglas: “I’ll Be There” by The Jackson 5. I’m almost certain Trevor will be eliminated before he gets to perform, but I still think he would best be suited with this song. Of course he couldn’t hit any of those Michael Jackson high notes, but I’d be interested in hearing a version of the song that would suit him.

What would you like to hear the American Idol 2015 guys sing tonight?