American Idol 2016: Ranking The Top 14 (Part 2)

Last week we watched as the American Idol 2016 judges finished building the season’s Top 14 so it’s time again to look at how I think the Top 14 stacks up.

Trent Harmon sings on Idol's Top 24
Trent Harmon sings on Idol’s Top 24 – Source: FOX

I’ve already ranked the first half of the Top 14, but instead of just ranking the second half, I’m going to go ahead and rank everyone so that we know where I think everyone stands. These aren’t how I think the judges and public are going to see them, but actually how I feel about them.

1. Trent Harmon. Not only do I think he’s one of the most original and true artists in the competition, I think that he’s stacking up the biggest fanbase already. If he judges want their female winner, they’ll cut him this week, but there’s no way they could do that and have an actual legitimate reason.

2. Sonika Vaid. She’s got one of the best voices in the competition. She still needs to loosen up a bit, and when she does, she could be the girl they’re looking for (that is if they ever stop trying to make Gianna Isabella happen).

3. Thomas Stringfellow. I love the true artistry Thomas displays. I’m not sure if he will make it deep into the competition, but right now he is one of my favorites.

4. Olivia Rox. I first thought Olivia was a bit boring but that was only because she wasn’t getting as big an edit as some. Now I think she’s one of the best this season.

5. La’Porsha Renae. I think La’Porsha has the biggest voice this season and I hope we get to see a lot more of her, but she isn’t exactly standing out to me. She needs to have a real moment ASAP.

6. Dalton Rapattoni. I think this guy is a smart performer. His flamboyance is sure to attract a lot of voters, but his vocals aren’t as good as some of the others. Still, he makes it above the middle of the list.

7. Lee Jean. I like Lee and want to like him more, but his age really, really shows in his performances. He’s going to turn off a lot of voters with his attitude.

8. Avalon Young. Like Lee, I want to like Avalon more, but I can’t get behind her Cosby sweaters and that whole thing where she is anti-star power. Sorry, but you have to look the part. This is American Idol.

9. MacKenzie Bourg. I think MacKenzie is really talented and really cute and all that good stuff. But he’s going to have to work really hard to stick around.

10. Manny Torres. Manny has his moments, but I don’t see him making it much farther in the competition.

11. Tristan McIntosh. I think I’ve probably ranked Tristan too low, but this is just my placement for her. She’s going to do better than this, but to me she’s just kind of there and immature to boot.

12. Jeneve Rose Mitchell. I’m over Jeneve. For a moment, I thought she was the right kind of quirk we needed. Now I’m wondering if her parents should be investigated for making her live off the grid like that.

13. Gianna Isabella. I think I’ve made it clear how I feel about the Gianna situation. I think she’s talented and could be a great performer in a couple of years. But right now it just feels like she’s being forced onto us along with her one-hit mom Brenda K. Starr.

14. Jenn Blosil. No, no, no, no. No.

Those are my personal rankings of the American Idol 2016 Top 14. What are yours?




  1. I don’t get Trent’s appeal at all. Those faces he makes are supposed to show he’s feeling it, but to me they are grotesque and studied.
    Dalton is Tiger Beat cute, but he needs more than visual appeal. I like him, but he needs a moment.
    La’Porsha is a one trick pony and a back-up singer at best.
    Manny makes Nick Fradiani look like a superstar, so no.
    All of the babies [Lee, Avalon, Jeneve, Tristan, Thomas and Mackenzie are too green and lack star power.
    Sonika, Olivia and Dalton as final 3 in no particular order is my prediction.

    • Her voice has a lot on the market manny records, such as Nick Fradiani, but people prefer the sound as it was, when I heard it was boring.

      I love manny torres, but his usual voice and hopefully he wrote out of competition soon, hopefully

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