Who Went Home on ‘American Idol’ Last Night? 3/6/2014

Your votes are in so it’s time to dim the lights and here we go! Let’s find out who makes the Top 11 on American Idol 2014!

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

We’ve made several rounds of predictions both opinion driven and from polling data, but it’s time to get the official results when America’s votes are revealed by host Ryan Seacrest.

Coming back in to play again this week is the Judges Save which will let Jennifer, Harry, and Keith bring back one singer from the brink of elimination if they all agree on the decision. That means the contestant with the fewest votes may not be eliminated, but remember we’re still very early in the season so they may not be ready to use up the “oops” power.

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American Idol 2014 Top 11 Contestants:

  1. Sam Woolf
  2. Jessica Meuse
  3. Ben Briley
  4. Dexter Roberts
  5. Majesty Rose
  6. Alex Preston
  7. Caleb Johnson
  8. CJ Harris
  9. Malaya Watson
  10. Jena Irene
  11. MK Nobilette

We’re compiling the Top 11 contestants as the results are revealed and we discover which singers are in this week’s Bottom 3 where they definitely don’t want to be.

Top 12’s Bottom 3 Contestants:

  1. Emily Pirizshe’s going to sing for her life
  2. Jena Ireneshe is safe
  3. MK Nobiletteshe is safe

One of these Bottom 3 singers will get the chance to sing for his or her American Idol life with the return of the Judges Save.

That turns out to be Emily. She’ll be singing “Stars” for her chance at getting the Judges to use their Save on her. It’s going a little rough. I think she’s done here folks.

JLo is dissenting in the Judges’ decision. She’s arguing with the guys up there and speaks out that she didn’t agree with them. JLo throwing her support for Emily isn’t a surprise, but it couldn’t outweigh the other two Judges.

Top 12 – Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Tonight?:

  • Emily Piriz

Did your favorite singers survive the vote or were they sent home?

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  1. I not happy with who was sent home this week i think Mk gone home she have attitude like don’t care she on here for life of music why sign for american idol don’t show how much support care music attitude Need to Leave sorry How I feel .

      • She got thru, because she wasn’t being judged by ignorant people that wouldn’t recognize talent if it slapped them in the face!
        While I agree that MK’s performance on Wednesday was not her best, she is still on the show because there are others like me that recognize that she does indeed have talent & deserves her shot at developing & showcasing it!

        That’s what Idol was always about & people seem to forget that! In recent years the show has been overrun with professionals & semiprofessionals! How fair is it to compare MK to someone who’s been touring for. 3 or 4 years? It isn’t….so give this young lady some respect….it takes guts & heart to get up there & compete!

        MK might surprise you….give her time….there IS something special about her & I’m glad she’s still on the show!

      • Right on David! You are 100% right. 😉 I like idol this year so much better with HCJr… he knows what’s up. Lol

    • I this very talented..just nervous and America’s choice was acceptable.. Emily could have done a lot more with JLol’s song. I think that Jessica Meuse is the least talented. Just sayin

  2. Emily did an awesome job on her ‘sing for my life’ song. She really can sing. I think it was her song last night that did her in.

  3. How could they send this girl home she had an electric performance and I am from Michigan but 2 of the Michigan contestants sounded like crap.i do not think the voting is fair or correct because someone from a little town dont get the votes like someone Mk who is from around Detroit so they will run the votes up to bring the money into the city.I just cant watch this crap anymore.MK sounded like she was a first grader No talent.

    • I agree…. MK should have gone… I’m doing the same…. if she doesn’t leave next week… she is not a performer and no amount of grooming her will chsange that! Ther were lots os screechy performances this week… don’t think I will miss anything!

    • MK is not from around detroit, she is from california. I am from detroit and i vofe for what sounds good and i believe Caleb will be the winner this year

  4. Emily going home makes no sense to me. I think she is one of the strongest singers and if the judges don’t save her then I don’t understand why they have saves. Just dropped AI from my DVR. Good luck but I wont be watching.

  5. im glad with who went home.. i have been rooting for MK from day one! she is different.. she is unique.. i personally think she does want to be there.. she is shy! she just needs to open up and i think this next week she will do just that! having said all that… I want Dexter Roberts to win the whole show!!!

      • To each their own. You like what you like and we like what we like. I think Mk sounds better then most of the ppl that are only going thru because of their looks

    • I’m with you MK can sing she is just nervous and shy. 🙂 when she lets loose its gonna be great. Dexter is AWESOME but predictable.. I do believe that all the contestants that are constantly off pitch need ta go.. if they haven’t got it so far they are not getting it. Lol 🙂


  6. This is total BS….Although Emily wouldn’t have gone all the way, she is far better than MK. The voters got it wrong again….And Jennifer is always beautiful….

  7. America got it right! Emily may be a good-enough singer but, good-enough is not good enough. Song choice matters! She did not sing a song, she did a ‘karaoke’ performance to a dance-groove. Sadly, Jennifer Lopez, who’s there to “judge” the singing, enjoyed and complimented the performance for all the wrong reasons–mainly that it was one of her own dance hits. This competition is supposed to be a showcase of SINGING ability. Emily’s choice to sing a song by the artist “Pink” the week before made sense because it was fundamentally a song–it showcased her vocal range and overall musicianship. Her mistake this week was selecting a J.Lo “song”–most of which are basically dance grooves with a hook that are meant to dance to, sell cd’s and make big money (an exception perhaps is “If You Want My Love,” which is fundamentally a song–and a good one at that!). The J.Lo “song”–“Let’s Get Loud”–is not a singer’s song for the simple reason that it just does not showcase the voice. Let’s call it as it really is–Jennifer Lopez is not the first name that comes to mind when defining the word “singer”. She’s a terrific entertainer who can carry a tune. But it was a helluva good groove to dance to and Emily did appear to enjoy dancing her way out of the American Idol competition!

      • MK’s singing performance was weak too but, she sang what was fundamentally a song–it had range that demands some vocal execution. Granted, MK didn’t execute vocally with conviction this week but, I think with her it’s more a lack of confidence that works against her capability as a singer.

      • I totally agree with your comment. MK has it in her and could rise to the top if she would believe in her voice more.While this season, at least to me is a bomb so far, ALL the contestants have had seriously bad moments. The judges seem to be in a feeding frenzy on the contestants bad points. I am really not enjoying this season at all.I much rather watch the Voice.

  8. One thing is clear, Harry is vindicated, there was no way he was going to save her!

  9. This Emily can sing but she is soooooo boring. Majesty is boring now compared to her modesty and cuteness at the audition.Top girl….Jena all day long. Top men? Are there any men left? P.S. I still am in love with Majesty though.

  10. Two weeks and two all girls bottom 3.
    5 girls out of 7 made it to bottom 3!!
    Thanks judges for eliminating Austin Wolfe and Kenz Hall.

    • Lets be honest, Idol is hurting in ratings, and the talent of “the voice” is far superior. At the beginning of this season, they said this is the best group of talent since season 1. This is the worst group of Idol wannabees i have ever seen. There were some good singers that didnt make it to the final 13, well they should have, because this group of “talent” is obviously full of amatures. MK is the least talented vocally. Now, Alex, is by far the most talented person, not exactly the best “singer” but by far the most professional person on idol. Majesty is cute n bubbly, and a good singer. I think she can be fabricated to make someone alot of money. Jessica, has the best voice, and is cute too. Dexter is the best country person , but people like him are a dime a dozen. One other thing to consider is that this is not a “singing competition” , this is a “reality show”.

      • Dexter is pure country, like Scotty, that’s what they sing, they don’t switch over to pop. They are not a dime a dozen.

      • Well stated…. I just want to add — “A fixed Reality Show”.. I’m so over it… not watching…. MK should have gone… she knows it!

  11. I was not overly thrilled with MK’s performance, but I do not see the judges fascination with Malaya…I thought her entire performance was sharp, didn’t hear one note on key.

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