American Idol 2015 Recap: Top 24 Made Official In Showcase Week

The American Idol Top 24 was made official tonight at the Showcase event’s final eliminations where half the remaining singers moved on and the other half were cut.

Jaq MacKenzie in American Idol 2015's Showcase Event
Jaq MacKenzie in American Idol 2015’s Showcase Event – Source: FOX

We’re covering all of tonight’s big reveal to confirm the spoilers we’ve been sharing for months which reveal who has joined the Idol 2015 season’s Top 24 and will be performing for your votes starting next week! After last night’s curious decision to feature a sing-off we wonder what tricks American Idol might have up its sleeves.

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First up for the night is not Hollywood Anderson like we saw at the end of the previous episode. Instead we get Josh Sanders and a quick “No” from the Judges. Harry broke the news while JLo was quick to add that it was ‘Yes’ vote for her, so hey, blame those other guys.

Hollywood Anderson – “”
Keith brings in Hollywood and tells him that while he’s a soulful singer he did not make the Top 24 cut. Harry wants Hollywood to keep writing and JLo says his writing is his shining moment. He has a tearful thanks for the Judges before heading back out.

Joey Cook – “Sweet Pea”
Joey is fully stressed out as she awaits her fate. She gives a great and an expectedly quirky performance of “Sweet Pea” that fits her niche.

Harry is on duty to reveal the news. Jennifer tells her how much they like her and Harry says Joey Cook is the kiwi of their group when they try to compare apples and oranges. Joey is on through to the Top 24.

Katherine Winston – “Rhiannon”
Katherine is nervous but says she’s so pleased with her House of Blues performance that she’s content with whatever happens with the Judges tonight.

Jennifer asks what it takes for someone to stand apart to get one of those semi-finalists spots. She thinks that every time Katherine Winston performed “something magical happened” and with that she’s on to the next round.

Maddy Hudson – “Diamonds”
Despite a strong performance at the House of Blues the Judges tell Maddy that she just wasn’t strong enough to make the cut. She’s eliminated from Idol.

Alexis Gomez – “Better Dig Two”
Looking to stand out Alexis put a Spanish spin on the Band Perry “Dig” song after JLo recommended she put a unique flair on her performances.

Quentin Alexander – “Youth”
Keith tells Quentin Alexander that they definitely want him in the Top 24 following his risky, but successful House of Blues performance.

Savion Wright – “I Don’t Trust Myself”
Ryan sits down with Savion before his results reveal and we reflect on his Journey after having made it to the Green Mile again this year but hoping it goes better for him this time around.

Keith tells Savion Wright that he looks really comfortable on stage, but knows it takes more than that to win this competition. The Judges think Savion is up for the challenge and he’s on to the Top 24!

Quick montage of Hunter Larsen and Jaq MacKenzie reveal both women were eliminated just short of the semi-finalists stage.

Mark Andrew – “Take Me To Church”
Mark is tearful as he awaits his fate knowing this is his final shot as a 29 year old in the competition. He says this won’t stop him, but it will be an obstacle if he’s eliminated.

Harry reminds Mark Andrew that with just 12 spots for the guys the competition is tight. He wants to know if Mark is unique enough for the opportunity before revealing that yes, Mark is in the Top 24.

Trevor Douglas – “Burning Love”
Unlike some of the other singers, Trevor has improved since auditions which made him ready for the House of Blues with an energetic performance.

The Judges can’t believe that Trevor Douglas is only 16. Harry says his vocals last night were not as good as they could have been and consistency is a concern for them, especially with such a young artist.

Emily Brooke – “Stupid Boy”
Jennifer breaks the bad news to Emily while reminding her that she’s phenomenally talented and at just 15 years old they want her to come back for another chance. Emily Brooke is eliminated from American Idol 2015.

Nick Fradiani – “Drops of Jupiter”
Nick knows this is his last chance and Harry wants to be forthright with him. Yep, Nick Fradiani is on to the live shows and the Top 24.

Sarina Joi Crowe – “Big White Room”
Now in her fourth attempt to make the American Idol Top 24 Sarina Joi Crowe is ready to face the Judges and their decision.

Harry says there are a lot of singers in “her lane” so they have to pick the best of a genre. Luckily for Sarina Joi she’s the best of her niche and is on to the Top 24.

Qaasim Middleton – “Satisfaction”
After a very energetic performance Qaasim strolls down the Mile to get his news. Jennifer asks if he was pleased with his performance and he is. She then asks if Brooklyn is in the house and with that, Qaasim Middleton is through to the Top 24.

Riley Bria vs Ricky Hendricks
Here we go with another potential duel. These two young guys are facing off and we see a montage of their past performance. Ricky is singing “Don’t Close Your Eyes” while Riley performs “…”.

The Judges tell them they have a lot in common, but the Judges have to make a decision and this time it actually won’t be with a sing-off. Harry reveals they’ve decided to go with Riley instead of Ricky for the final spot for the guys in the Top 24.

Jelly Joseph vs Shi Scott
Last spot for the girls and it goes to either Jelly Joseph or Shi Scott. Jelly has a case of the nerves just before going out to sing “Bang Bang” while Shi is ready for “Higher Ground” with no worries at all. Which one will make it? Only one can go through to America’s vote.

Jelly tells the Judges this has been the best opportunity of her life. Harry is proud of how well she represented New Orleans. Meanwhile Shi is nervous but thinks she did well at the House of Blues… Shi Scott is through to the semi-finals while Jelly was eliminated.

Were you happy with the final judgment round as Harry, Keith, and Jennifer were forced to make tough decisions and set us up to crown a new winner on American Idol? Check the schedule for even more details of what’s coming up because next week these Top 24 semi-finalists sing for your vote!



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  1. How aweful.that u would have a sing off & eliminate
    The one u just told she had made it!! Enough to stop
    Watching the show…not a good trick as they stated
    I think they should have kept both!!!

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