American Idol Spoilers: Who Made the 2014 Top 30?

This is the week was finally find out which of the remaining contestants made it to the American Idol season 13 Top 30 contestants. Well, actually we found out who mades it to the Top 31, and then YOU, the viewers, will choose which contestant will get the boot right at the last minute. Ouch!

Hollywood Week Solos 03

On American Idol this week, there were only 77 contestants left going into the final solo round.  That is a whole lot of hopeful competitors the American Idol judges had to make hard decisions about. in fact, they’ll be leaving the very last decision about who to boot to the viewers.

After Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. have cut down the field to just 31 singers left, producers are going to let the voters decide which person will be the final singer who does not get through to the Top 30. And speaking of voting, there is a new twist to that this year as the days of unlimited voting for your favorites is now over.

We won’t know which of  the Top 31 contestants below doesn’t make it to the Top 30 until after the vote, but we’ll let you know as soon as the results are announced!

American Idol 2014 Top 31 Contestants Photo Gallery
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  1. Well this is just stupid! What happened to Laurel Wright? She was the only one I cared about!

  2. American Idol… it’s getting old.. you using stupid tricky language to trick the contestants…. is that all the show has? Really? That is all I’ve watch tonight!! Get a script!! Be a really good show — for a change!!

  3. Does anyone know what happened to Eric Wood…? He was my favorite and he hasn’t been mentioned in quite a while…

  4. Gave the show one last chance because of the new judges but what’s the real problem with American Idol is who they put through. Three singers on the first night should not be in this years final 30. Two of them were terrible and the other was borderline but other ones who were eliminated were better. All three are black. Jordan and Malaya were horrible but at 15 and 16 there’s time to grow. But this is what Idol is all about. Lets use them for the shows purpose. Same goes for Emannuel. His story is what the show is using just like Odette last year. Four singers who got eliminated were better than these three. Keri, Madelyn, Casey, and Leah were way better than these three especially Keri who was fantastic. There is no way that these three great artist picked these terrible singers to go through without the producers urging. Totally scripted. It amazes me that this country is made up of 18% Latin American or Spanish and there is just one contestant. The Afro American percentage is 15% and they have 10 contestants already in and Nico may be eleven. Where are the Asians who make up near 5% and a growing percentage of Indians who make up the 2nd greatest population on this planet. I asked this to American Idol and they will tell you that will not make good television. So use these young people and give them false hopes especially these two young singers whose best advice was to go home and practice and develop your singing. Day two was a little better but again they picked a singer who just don’t have the voice in Maryaelle Sellers but she again will give you good TV. Yes she is also black but before you call me a racist, I think Savion Wright deserved a spot and he is black. What I am saying is why American Idol is losing viewers and will sink like the X FACTOR is they won’t let the real talent just dictate the shows success. They arranged this last year with Candice Glover winning when all the polls had Angie winning and the judges were hailing Candice the next Whitney Houston. Was part of this, the on going lawsuit with former black contestants versus American Idol. Yes I do and also the white guitar playing male artist was a part of the result last year. This year you gave us a facelift with these judges who are good but let them decide on the talent. American Idol you were worth watching but now you will be a dinosaur soon. Fox, you had a good thing in Idol but you let these producers ruin it.

    • I liked the guy that Harry held in his arms… that guy was good… like REALLY good. I agree totally with you .. I want talent not folks that someone thinks is cute.

    • 40% of the final 30 are either African American or half black as compared to less than 13% of US demographics. Could that be due to the lawsuit filed against idol by a group of disgruntled former black contestants who felt they were discriminated against because they were rumored to have had undisclosed records Show is obviously scripted. IMO. not quite as bad as canceled X-Factor farce with Simon Cowell but getting pretty close.

  5. o wow! They take the 15 y/o Jordan Brisbane and let go of Savion Wright! This is so not cool AI. WTF?! is wrong with these judges. I though Harry Connick was better than this. What a joke this show has been. Savion’s originals were sooo good!

    • I agree about the 15 year old chubby black kid . Savion Wright is so much better it not even close. Too many 16-18 year olds with undeveloped performance skills on show especially girls where 10 of the final 15 are 16-18 years old and 13 of those 15 are 21 and under. The judges don’t decide who goes though. Its the producers telling them who goes through Check out Tory Tompkins on YouTube. Another Hollywood victim from Texas whose auditions were not shown on the Austin or Hollywood week televised shows even though she was on TC at last 15-20 times

  6. What happened to Tory Tompkins from Houston who made it to Hollywood Week from Austin auditions. Great looking sweet girl with great guitar skills and powerful vocals. Don’t see any rocker chicks who can also do blues and modern pop stuff as well as classic Rock like her on the show. Too many teen age girls and disproportionate share of African Americans. Stopped watching after mean spirited airport hanger audition show. That was lame and exploitive.

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