Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2014 Tonight?

Sam Woolf

Last night the American Idol 2014 Top 13 took to the stage for the first official live voting show (sorry, not counting last week). We saw a few hits, but we saw A LOT of misses.

Based on some pretty weak performances and the fact that three of the 13 were judges’ wild card picks, basically anything can happen tonight. It’s going to be tough to make my who goes home predictions for tonight, but like I do every season, I’m going to try. And if any of you have been reading me the past few seasons, you know I have a pretty solid track record. I think I might spoil that record tonight. Ha.

Here we go.

Who is going home on American Idol 2014?

Who I think is safe:

  • Caleb Johnson. I think Caleb will be safe for quite some time. I imagine he would be in the Top 3 if we were to get those results.
  • Ben Briley. I think Ben has some staying power too. He’s going to make the country voters very happy.
  • Jessica Meuse. She’s got that look that just sticks in people’s minds. So she’s going to be around for a bit, too, I think.
  • MK Nobilette. MK has had a lot of press about being the first contestant to just come out and say “hey, I’m gay.” So her name is out there. And people seem to be enjoying her music, so she is sure to be safe.
  • Majesty Rose. I’m not sure how long it’ll work, but she’s just so cute that she’s not going anywhere.
  • Sam Woolf. The girls have to have someone to root for, yes? Plus he has a great voice.

Who I think is probably safe. Maybe:

  • Alex Preston. I think he’s OK and can do quite well in the coming weeks if we connects better with the audience.
  • C.J.Harris. I still think C.J. will be ok for a bit until people get confused about what kind of artist he is. His song choices are all over the place.
  • Dexter Roberts. Dexter is a great artist, but I think Ben Briley might end up stealing his votes. But he’s safe this week, I think.
  • Emily Piriz. I don’t really see the appeal in Emily, but she was pretty solid last night. I think she’ll be OK this week.

Who I think is in danger:

  • Malaya Watson. I love Malaya. But her performance last night was awful. And after I said I liked her in one of my past blog posts and several readers very rudely called me crazy, I’m thinking she could be in danger tonight.
  • Jena Irene. If any of the wild cards are able to pull themselves up and make it this week, it’s Jena. But because America didn’t put her in their Top 10 I still have to list her as in danger.
  • Kristen O’Connor. I think Kristen might actually go home tonight. There’s a possibility some voters saw her and thought she was cute tonight, but she was also a wild card pick. So this could be it for her.

Who do you think will make it tonight on American Idol 2014?





      • I’m with Branden on this one….Kristen was the least performer of the night. BUT we also know that anything can happen. Just a little side note. I’m loving the 50 votes only per call…..FINALLY!!!!!

  1. I like Ben but he’s no Dexter. Dexter is True country. I have no idea who’s going home but it will be someone that’s not expected I think.

  2. Heres a cool thing i just seen.
    Every year american idol has had wildcards the 1st one eliminated is always a wildcard. i wonder if it’ll play out again.

  3. Jena shouldn’t be in danger at all in comparison to some other performances. I think she was much better than Dexter and Ben. My picks to go would be either Kristen or Malaya. To me, Malaya comes across as a novelty act and not a serious performer.

    I absolutely loved Jessica and Caleb. They were the two best performers last night hands down!!!!

  4. It’s between CJ and Kristen and since Kristen kept blabbing about her wild card spot, she probably will be gone first.

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