Who Will Make The American Idol 2016 Top 10 Cut?

Who will make the American Idol 2016 Top 10 cut this week? We’re days away from finding the official results, but that won’t stop us from making our predictions now.

American Idol Judges Urban, Lopez, and Connick
American Idol Judges Urban, Lopez, and Connick – Source: FOX

Last week we shared a poll asking you, our readers, who should make the Top 10 and now we’re ready to check out what could be an indicator of how viewers may vote to support the contestants later this week when public voting finally opens up. Keep in mind that the Judges and production will select eight of the Top 10 so there could be a gap between who the public wants in the race and who the producers think would make for the best ratings.

So how would things turn out if FOX had let the viewers voted and it was decided by our readers here? Here’s a breakdown as of the numbers at the time of publishing this article. The big leader in your votes was Trent Harmon with nearly 55% followed by Gianna Isabella at just over 14%. Dalton Rapattoni rounded out the Top 3 for your votes here at 9%. Now that’d be an interesting Final 3, huh? Here are the full results.

American Idol 2016 Top 10 – Readers Poll results:

  1. Trent Harmon – 54.9%
  2. Gianna Isabella – 14.3%
  3. Dalton Rapattoni – 9.1%
  4. La’Porsha Renae – 4.3%
  5. MacKenzie Bourg – 3.0%
  6. Olivia Rox – 2.6%
  7. Sonika Vaid – 2.3%
  8. Tristan McIntosh – 1.9%
  9. Jenn Blosil – 1.4%
  10. Lee Jean – 1.4%
  11. Avalon Young – 1.3%
  12. Jeneve Rose Mitchell – 1.2%
  13. Thomas Stringfellow – 1.1%
  14. Manny Torres – 1.1%

These numbers would leave out Jenn and everyone below her to face off in the Wild Card round during Wednesday’s show. It’d be an interesting match up, but I’m not so sure I think the producers will overlap in their plans.

It’s hard to say who the producers wouldn’t want from your Top 10 votes, but out of all the bottom six Hopefuls here I think we will see Manny Torres guaranteed a seat in the race. Then to make room for him I do not think it’s likely that a girl would be taken out.

Production has kept things in favor of the ladies at each major elimination and I expect them to keep that going this round too with a 5-3 advantage for the women in this week’s reveal of the first eight in the Top 10. It’ll be interesting to see their final choices.

Remember that voting opens on Wednesday where you’ll have your choice of supporting two of the six Wild Cards. We’ll have a new poll then to gauge how those American Idol results are likely to go during Thursday’s reveal and Top 10 performance show.

Share your thoughts on the readers’ results here and how you think they might compare to productions plans for the Top 10.




  1. Trent Harmon sings well but he’s kind of unpleasant to watch. I sure hope he doesn’t win. I’d love to see Gianna, Sonika, Tristan, and Avalon do well.

    • I hear you, in regard to Trent. He kind of dresses like he is an orphaned, Okie, from Muskogee. But, the man can sing. Let one of the American Idol stylist give him a make over and the guy has a decent chance to win it.

  2. A few days ago I mentioned that none of the guys can hold a candle to the top 3 girls. And I stand by that, sort of. The best performers of the night (in order of best, on down) were:

    1- LaPorcha Renae- Normally she outshines everyone with her powerful voice, that always shows great range. Last night, she blew us away with a gentle and softer side, that still oozed with emotion. By all rights, she should be the next American Idol, given her consistency. But, will she? As she does not have the look, a lot of voters want to see as their favorite Idol.

    2- Sankid Viad – Holly Molly … Last night Sankid was trying her best at giving LaPorcha a run for her money, with a powerful performance that rocked. She is impressing me more, each week.

    3- (Tie) – Gianella Isabella – She has always been one of my favorite. As at the tender age of 15, she has a pop star look and a voice to go with it. Last night the Judges were not all that impressed. I was and thought it was a great performance.

    3- (Tie) – Trent Harmon – Last night, Trent very much closed the gap between the talent level between the girls and the guys. Excellent job and by far, he is the best guy. Though I fear all the love struck, teeny bopper girls will argue with me and say heart throb, Dalton is.

    McKenzie Boarg and Lee Jean are both without a doubt, accomplished musicians. And Mckenzie’s song writing skills are something to be reckoned with. But they, along with the rest of the top ten are nowhere close in vocal talent, the the 4 singers I mention above. Just my thoughts, would love to hear other people’s viewpoint.

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