Who Is Going Home Tonight On American Idol 2014?


The American Idol 2014 Top 12 performed for America’s votes last night and based on what we saw, I think we might see a bit of a shift tonight with the results.

And since we’re into the second week of the real competition, contestants are starting to standout and others are backing away. The predictions get a little easier at this point, thankfully. But to be fair to my *ahem* expertise, I nailed the prediction last week.

Let’s get to this week’s predictions. As always, these predictions are based on last week’s rankings, our polls, this week’s performances and my gut. This is not scientific, nor is it opinion. It’s just a prediction. For fun! Let’s go!

Who is going home on American Idol 2014 this week?

Definitely Safe

Dexter Roberts. He was right up there when Ryan gave us a look at how the super vote was going and he’s also doing very well in our poll. And based on his performance, America will be resounding well to his raw and emotional performance. Country music fans love to vote in singing competitions.

Caleb Johnson. Everything I don’t like about this guy is what’s working for him. Seriously. I don’t like his theatrics and how over-the-top everything is, but America is eating it up. And good for him. He did well in the super vote preview and is also ranking well in our poll, so I think he’s solid this week.

Jessica Meuse. I’m not sure where she’s going to be landing in a few weeks, but right now Jessica is pretty safe, I think. America is responding well to her and after her performance this week, I think she picked up some new fans.

Sam Woolf. I think Sam’s song choice was risky, but the way he handled the song and worked the stage, he was a natural. He’s not doing amazingly well in our polls, but the super vote preview seemed to be working out in his favor. Not to mention his star power.

Most Likely Safe

C.J. Harris. I’m still not sure if America knows what to make of C.J. He’s going to have to decide soon or he won’t be stuck here in the middle. But for now, I think he’s pretty safe.

Majesty Rose. She had a big flat note in her performance tonight, but the average watcher doesn’t notice technical stuff like that. So I think she’s pretty solid this week.

Alex Preston. He had a little bit of a mediocre night, but I think he’s probably carrying the older vote this season. He’ll be OK for a while, I think.

Ben Briley. He had a bad night last night and he’s not doing so well in our poll, but I don’t think that’s enough to send him packing tonight. I think he’s most likely safe.

Jena Irene. Jena is right on the cusp of most likely safe and probably in the bottom three. I think she might be just barely on this side.

Possibly the Bottom Three

Malaya Watson. I think Malaya had the best performance of the night and she’s doing very, very well in our poll. But I don’t think she catapulted her way to total safety. I don’t think she’s going home, but I think she could still be in the bottom. It’s possible she and Jena or Ben trade places, but I doubt it.

Emily Piriz. She’s not doing so well in polls and the super vote and she’s kind of boring. But I think her JLo song choice tonight might MIGHT keep her from going home.

MK Nobilette. I think American Idol isn’t the right place for MK. Unfortunately, the average fan isn’t going to respond to her style of music. Not to mention all the closed minds out there. It’s disgusting but true.

Probably going home

MK Nobilette. I think it’s her time. And I don’t think the judges will save her. It’s possible that Emily will head home instead. But I think the judges could decide to save Emily.

Who do you think will be going home tonight?




  1. Jena is so cute and good 🙂 i wish more people would realize her talent 🙁

    • I’m still sticking to Emily and Jena as the two best. They just must pick the right songs. This is not the time to venture out into something new for them.

    • MK looks scared to death I think she has very pretty eyes, which is brought out by her wearing make up. I wondering if the make up is some how distracting her singing. She doesn’t look comfortable at all up there most of the time. I am not fan of hers though I did think she sounded good the 1st time but as Harry said seems like she doesn’t want to be up there.

      • If MK goes home it has nothing to do with closed minds and everything to do with not being a live performer yet

  2. Emily hurt herself tonight with that bad j lo song.
    i think majesty may end up in the bottom and jessica and alex is iffy on me. im not sure who’s going home.

    • Emily was horrible I like that song she sang. While I don’t think J Lo is the best singer in the world after hearing Emily I have a whole new respect for her as a singer. I agree with Harry the song was way too big for her. She sounded flat her dancing was al ot better then her singing more of a karaoke performance for me.

      • The sound coming from The Voice contestants is so superior to that of AI. Sound was terrible when Emily was singing. All I could hear was the music from the band. AI must do something there and do it quickly – do they not have rehearsals???

      • Hey guess who’s making the rehearsals? Haha its ur randy jackson. Jimmy is the better mentor than randy.

      • Hey Buddy, I thought maybe I was the only who noticed the sound quality. It’s horrible. I pointed this out to my wife last night. Last night was not the only night the sound quality was bad. I’m surprised that Harry as mentioned it. Terrible, just plain terrible.

  3. I’m wish CO would sing a heartfelt tear jerker song so we can hear the cry in his voice. I would like to hear him do Percy Sledges version of When a man loves a woman or Ray Charles version of You don’t know me. I’m believe CJ s a genuine and talented guy. He needs the right song to showcase the range and emotion in his voice.

    • I wish all of them would sing some of the oldies from yesteryears. Ben’s song was pretty yet I don’t even remember the name of it. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think we will see any oldies this season – unless the contestants are told to sing songs from the 60’s, 70′ or 80’s. To keep AI on TV and to keep all-age viewers – this is a must and it better be done quickly.

  4. I lovd Sam! He needs to come out of his shell that’s all. Go listen to him on youtube. He has what it takes to be a superstar! Hey Jude is awesome by him!

  5. IMO, the damage of AI getting rid of Jimmy Iovine and replacing him with Randy Jackson as mentor is glaringly obvious now that we are in the live shows! The big improvement they made with the new judging panel seems moot now. Hopefully they will do something and quick. They have to know how bad it’s going. They have to. Even the judges were bored last night. I still like the show but last night was sad. 🙁

  6. They need to get Jimmy Levine back and send Randy Jackson packing. He is worthless, somewhat arrogant in this new position, and doesn’t seem to know how to guide these kids. Harry hit it right on last night when he told Randy that he needs to step up and motivate these young singers. Bring Jimmy back please……

  7. MK is scared to death. She appears as if she could care less. She needs confidence. They all need to come out and sing their hearts out, they need motivation.

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