American Idol 2014 Hollywood Week Part 3 Recap: The Top 30 Are Named

American Idol Jillian Jenson

American Idol 2014 sure did the final Hollywood Round performances differently this season. I’ll try not to complain too much, but it made the whole thing really hard to recap. We got a mixture of final performances and final judgment in front of the judges. So my recap reflects that. Let’s take a look at the standouts.

Emily Piriz, “Stars.” Where’d she come from? This is the first time I’ve even seen her. Well, REALLY seen her. It was definitely a great way to start the episode. She’s very comfortable on stage and has a great voice.

Now it’s time for her to head up for the final judgment. She made it. She’s a Top 15 girl.

Spencer Lloyd. Well he made a mistake by picking that original song. It was definitely not his finest moment. But all of his other moments were outstanding. So when he made it to the final judgment it was still good news. He’s in the Top 15 boys.

Jillian Jensen. OK, unlike Spencer’s original song, Jillan’s was actually good. It showed what kind of artist she is and also showed what kind of talent she has. It was no surprise when she was told she’s among the Top 15 girls.

Madelyn Patterson. Another artist I managed to not see until this episode and I’m not sure why. She had a great final audition. But when she didn’t make it into the Top 15, I understood why she hasn’t been edited in.

George Lovett. I liked his final audition, but I don’t really see him standing out. But the judges still put him into the Top 15 boys.

Sam Wolfe, “I Try.” Another contestant pulls out an original. But his wasn’t bad luck like some of the others. This guy is great. He’s so sweet and tender and really easy to listen to. His final audition was definitely one of his best, so it was no surprised when the judges put him through to the Top 30.

Keri Lynn Roche, “I’d Rather Go Blind.” I’ve liked this girl from the beginning and this audition was no different. I like that she’s got this little edge and quirkiness to her. So I wasn’t happy that she didn’t make it into the Top 15 girls.

Malaya Watson, “I Believe.” I’m going to go ahead and say it right now. This girl is my favorite contestant this season. I am completely in love with her voice. I want can’t wait to hear some of the performances she has in her. And yes, I might get the chance because she has made it into the Top 15 girls.

Maurice Townsend, “Wrecking Ball.” I was not a fan of this guy’s final audition. Of course he can since and he did have some great moments, but I wasn’t a fan of this one. I would have cut him. But the judges decide to do the opposite. He’s in the Top 30.

Jessica Meuse, “I’m Done.” Gee, there are a lot of original songs. Angie Miller really opened that up last season. But so far no one has topped Angie and surely not Jessica. I thought her audition was fine, but it surely wasn’t my favorite. She faces off with Jesse Roach and after Jesse’s sloppy version of “Wide Open Spaces,” it’s no surprise that Jesse and Jessica face off with an on-the-spot performance. Jesse is eliminated and Jessica sails into the Top 30.

Emmanuel Zidor, “I’m Going Down.” This guy is hit and miss with me. This final audition was a hit. I actually really liked the audition and see a lot of potential in him. I’m not sure he’d have American Idol staying power, but I think I’d like to see him more. And we get to. The judges put him into the Top 15 boys.

Kristen O’Connor, “Unconditional.” This final audition was very pageanty and boring. She’s a pretty talented person, but I couldn’t see American Idol working out for her. But they give her the shot. She’s in the Top 30.

Jordan Brisbane, “Halo.” His final audition was really strong. I like this guy a lot and am glad that he gets a shot at being in the Top 15 boys.

At the end of the episode we get Casey Thrasher vs. C.J. Harris:

Casey Thrasher, “Amazed.” It wasn’t his best performance, but Idol seems to love this guy and his story.

C.J. Harris, “Bring It On Home to Me.” I thought this guy’s audition was better than Casey’s. So I’d put him through.

In the sing-off I’d still give the win to C.J. The judges decide to …. wait, to be continued. LAME.

The Top 30 (so far)

Top 15 Girls – American Idol 2014:

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  1. Gave the show one last chance because of the new judges but what’s the real problem with American Idol is who they put through. Three singers tonight should not be in this years final 30. Two of them were terrible and the other was borderline but other ones who were eliminated were better. Jordan and Malaya were horrible but at 15 and 16 there’s time to grow. But this is what Idol is all about. Lets use them for the shows purpose. Same goes for Emannuel. His story is what the show is using. Four singers who got eliminated were better than these three. Keri, Madelyn, Casey, and Leah were way better than these three especially Keri who was fantastic. There is no way that these three great artist picked these terrible singers to go through without the producers urging. Totally scripted. This is the reason American Idol will sink like the X Factor.

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