Who Went Home on American Idol Tonight? 2/12/2014

On American Idol 2014 tonight we got a surprise when the judges skipped over the final round of Hollywood Week performances and went straight to The Green Mile.

The Green Mile - American Idol 2014

So who went home on American Idol tonight and who made it to the season’s Top 30 contestants? Let’s find out! We’ll highlight who was eliminated and who made the grade. These won’t be easy decisions with such incredible talent out there this season!

The Green Mile – Who Went Home Tonight?

  • Madelyn Patterson
  • Michael Simeon
  • Labryant Crew
  • Sabrina Lentini
  • quick montage of several eliminations
  • Keri Lynn Roche
  • Jesse Roach
  • Casey McQuillen
  • Nica Nashae
  • Leah Guerrero

Do you agree with the American Idol judges’ decisions for the eliminations?

It wasn’t all bad news though because these singers were kept in the competition and press on for next week’s shows!

The Green Mile – Who Made The Top 30?

Top 15 Girls – American Idol 2014:

  1. Emily Piriz
  2. Jillian Jensen
  3. Malaya Watson
  4. Bria Anai Johnson
  5. Jessica Meuse
  6. M. K. Nobilette
  7. Kristen O’Connor
  8. Andrina Brogden

Top 15 Guys – American Idol 2014:

  1. Spencer Lloyd
  2. George Lovett
  3. Sam Woolf
  4. Maurice Townsend
  5. Dexter Roberts
  6. Jordan Brisbane
  7. Malcolm Allen
  8. Alex Preston
  9. CJ Harris or Casey Thraser??…

American Idol ended with a cliffhanger tonight. Will it be CJ or Casey who makes it through to the Top 30? Don’t wait until tomorrow! Check the full Top 30 spoilers right now!

Are you ready to start voting for the winner of American Idol 2014?!