American Idol 2015: Top 24 Power Rankings

The American Idol 2015 Top 24 took to the Idol stage via Detroit last week and we saw a lot of good performances and some not-so good performances.

So now it’s time to take a look back and put together the first American Idol Season 14 Power rankings. These will be based on performance and how the public seems to be receiving them. And since they performed separately, I’ll be splitting up the guys and girls in these rankings as well.

Jax performs in American Idol 2015's Top 42 round

Top 12 Girls

1. Jax. Based on her screen time, her performance and her massive social media presence, Jax is currently then to beat. She easily takes the top spot this week.

2. Tyanna Jones. I think Tyanna is probably the best singer in the competition and since her Top 24 performance was fantastic and she’s getting a good edit, No. 2 is a good place for her this week.

3. Lovey James. I’m not sure if Lovey should really go this high. But right now, I think Lovey is being pushed heavily by producers and she’s got a good look and sound, so I’m leaving her here for now.

4. Joey Cook. I don’t like Joey, at all. But the judges love her and that will help her sick around for a little while at least. America seems to like quirky performers, too, so I think we’ll be seeing her a bit longer.

5. Sarina-Joi Crowe. I think Sarina is a much better singer than anyone ranked higher than her (except for Tyanna), but I’m not sure America is responding to her as strongly as the should. I think she’ll make it past this week, but she will have to wow voters from then on.

6. Maddie Walker. Maddie has gotten a lot of airtime and there will definitely be a country singer making it far into the competition, so I think it will be her. If she doesn’t make it past this week, I’d be really surprised. I’m placing her at about middle of the pack right now.

7. Shi Scott. I don’t like Shi, but Idol producers clearly love her. She’s being pushed heavily and I think that will keep her around for a bit. At least until America tires of her one trick.

8. Adanna Duru. She had a good week last week and I think she will be making it past this week. She is getting overshadowed by others in the competition, though.

9. Loren Lott. I think Loren is beautiful and talented, but she’s just not standing out. I think she could be in trouble this week.

10. Shannon Berthiaume. I would love for Shannon to stick around and I would love to rank her higher simply because we need an edgy rocker girl in this competition. But I think she’s not going to make it past this week.

11. Alexis Gomez. Alexis is another I think should stick around and I hope I get proven wrong. But right now I think she might be heading home this week.

12. Katherine Winston. I think Katherine is probably leaving this week. She’s had just an OK showing her entire journey so far. I don’t see her getting more votes than these other girls.

Nick Fradiani performs

The Top 12 Guys

1. Michael Simeon. There’s a certain charm to this guy that a lot of people are responding to. Add that to his great voice and all the air time he’s getting and I think he could be a contender.

2. Clark Beckham. I originally thought Michael would cancel Clark out. But last week Clark held his own and America really responded to it. I think they’ll both be making it past this week.

3. Qaasim Middleton. I think his stage presence and his overall eccentric nature is really resinating with America. He did great on our poll here and fans seem to be really into him based on some of the Tweets I’ve seen.

4. Daniel Seavey. I don’t think he’s a great singer. In fact he’s one of the worst. But as they’ve told us over and over again, he’s just really really cute. And that will work for him for awhile at least.

5. Nick Fradiani. Nick is a great performer and a great looking guy. So he’s got that going for him. He is slightly boring though. But I think there are enough positives to get him through this week and land him at about middle of the pack on this list.

6. Adam Ezegelian. I think his energy and his sense of humor has worked well for him this week. I think he’s a safe bet to make it through this week and a bit further in the competition. But I don’t see him winning American Idol Season 14.

7. Rayvon Owen. I would have placed Rayvon much higher. #2 even. Until I saw where he placed on our poll. I was surprised. I think he’ll still make it through this week, but I don’t know what’s wrong with people if they aren’t getting the awesomeness that is Rayvon.

8. Quentin Alexander. Quentin is another guy who is clearly a star. I think I should have ranked him higher as well, but at any rate, he should be in this competition.

9. Riley Bria. I’m surprised I’m putting Riley in the danger zone, but again, base on polls, he may not have done so well last week with voters.

10. Savion Wright. I hope I’m wrong about Savion. He should definitely be staying in the competition, but like Riley, it’s not looking great.

11. Mark Andrew. I think American Idol fans have seen enough of Mark Andrew types. I think he might be a season or two too late. He could be in trouble this week also.

12. Trevor Douglas. I think Trevor is a great guy and fun and cute. But his performance last week was terrible. He should and will go home this week.