American Idol Spoilers: 2016 Top 24 Group Splits

The latest American Idol spoilers reveal how the 2016 season’s Top 24 semi-finalists will be split in to two groups of 12 for their Showcase Round performances starting today.

Update: Results are in for the groups on who was eliminated from the Top 24.

American Idol judges, host, & mentor at TCA 2016
American Idol judges, host, & mentor at TCA 2016 – Source: FOX

According to MJsBigBlog, the list has been spoiled for which singers will be performing together and that could have a big impact on the challenge of surviving the next round of cuts. Since each group of twelve American Idol 2016 semi-finalists will have their own five eliminations you could be up against a much more difficult group of singers.

Group 1 will be singing today for the Judges and a live audience while Group 2 will hold their stage show on February 11, 2016. These performances and the resulting eliminations will not air until later in February. So yes, get ready for more spoilers on those results before too long. Here’s how the split turned out.

American Idol Spoilers: Top 24 – Group 1

Results from the first group have been leaked, but we’ll have to wait more than a week to hear what goes on with the second group if there are any spoilers available.

American Idol Spoilers: Top 24 – Group 2

Which group would you rather perform as part of for the Showcase Round? Think the competition is stiffer in Group 1 or Group 2? Share your thoughts below!




    • Eliminated: Emily Brooke, James VIII, Jenna Renae, Jordan Sasser, Stephany negrete.
      The remaining made it thru to Top 14.

  1. How is it possible Colette Lush is not in top 24?! This makes absolutely no sense, she is stronger than possibly everyone in the competition..

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