American Idol 2016 Spoilers: Top 24 Elimination Results! – Update: Second Group Results Revealed

We have the American Idol spoilers coming in for which hopeful contestants were eliminated from the Top 24! The names of some of the singers who didn’t make it through were a bit shocking, as several of them seemed like strong favorites to make the Top 10 at least. Was your favorite on the American Idol 2016 spoilers list of who didn’t make it past the American Idol Top 24?

American Idol Spoilers

WARNING: This post contains explicit spoilers on American Idol results that have not yet aired on television. If you do not wish to have the Top 24 round results spoiled for you before they are shown on TV, then please click away now!

While we are watching the contestants on American Idol 2016 be whittled down to the Top 51 on television, behind the scenes the Top 24 has already been chosen and performed for the judges. Now we are getting the results of that round courtesy of our favorite reliable spoilers source, The Idol Pad. According to spies on scene, both groups of the Top 24 have faced the American Idol judges and cuts have been made based on the results.

The Top 24 were split into two groups, and we have the American Idol spoilers for the group splits, and the results from both rounds of eliminations. The singers who advanced will move on to the Top 14.

AI15 Top 24 Group 2 – 5 Eliminations
Group 2:

1. Adam Lasher
2. Amelia Eisenhauer
3. C.J. Johnson
4. Dalton Rapattoni
5. Jenn Blosil
6. Kory Wheeler
7. Lee Jean
8. Manny Torres
9. Olivia Rox
10. Shelbie Zora
11. Trent Harmon
12. Tristan McIntosh

Eliminated: Adam Lasher, Amelia Eisenhauer, CJ Johnson, Kory Wheeler, Shelbie Zora

Advanced: Dalton Rapattoni, Lee Jean, Jenn Blosil, Manny Torres, Olivia Rox, Trent Harmon, Tristan McIntosh

Update: TIP received some bad spoilers last night and we passed those along as well. The eliminated list above has now been fixed. They’re fairly confident this is the correct set of spoilers this time.

AI15 Top 24 Group 1 – 5 Eliminations
Group 1:

1. Avalon Young
2. Emily Brooke
3. Gianna Isabella
4. James Dawson VIII
5. Jeneve Rose Mitchell
6. Jenna Renae
7. Jordan Sasser
8. La’Porsha Renae
9. MacKenzie Bourg
10. Sonika Vaid
11. Stephany Negrete
12. Thomas Stringfellow

Eliminated: Emily Brooke, James Dawson VIII, Jenna Renae, Jordan Sasser, Stephany Negrete

Advanced: Avalon Young, Gianna Isabella, Jeneve Rose Mitchell, La’Porsha Renae, MacKenzie Bourg, Sonika Vaid, and Thomas Stringfellow

Keep up to date on all the latest from behind the scenes of the show on our American Idol 2016 spoilers page.




  1. Kinda bummed that Emily Brooke got eliminated. She deserved a spot in the Top 24. I like Sonika’s voice, but after seeing what she did in group rounds I don’t think she has the right personality to be the next American Idol. Should have left Emily and took out Sonika.

      • Me too! She is STRONG! I think they will send Shelbie Z through, and she is good too, but why can’t 2 country singers go through? I liked Jenna Renae as well. MOST of my favorites are in the next group of 12, so many of my favs will get cut there, too. The producers are completely taking control of this IMO.

    • Producers can paint whatever picture they want in post-production. They want to shock us with the possibility that sonika is a mean girl. Its a tv show before it is a competition. Lots of people that seem nice on tv are actually terrible in real life. Hard to say.

  2. If Colette Lush didn’t get eliminated and isn’t in top 24 then what is going on? Did she withdraw or something? The girl is probably the best vocalist in the competition so what’s up? Anyone know?

    • She was eliminated. She sang a Meghan Trainor’s Like I’m Gonna Lose You. Harry told her she had a great audition but hasn’t been connecting with them ever since so they cut her.It was the last episode that aired I believe. Too bad she didn’t make it.

  3. How does Jeneve make it?!? She is so bad. Emily is light years better than her, and she’s eliminated? Makes sense.

  4. I seriously cannot believe that La’Porsha made it through. The woman is a cartoon. Where is Simon to ask her if she owns a mirror?

    • Blanche, there was quite a bit of controversy last season when no black big-voiced female was in the TOP 10. It was the first time in 14 years that this happened. The first time I heard La’Porsha sing, I knew she would fill that role. She has a whole lot of soul in her voice. Idol will do a make-over and she’ll be mentored. Maybe by Fantasia? BTW, I find your comment about a mirror to be cruel. La’Porsha may be a good, kind person. The other contestants really like her. To me, that’s what counts.

    • Her hair is crazy but I think that’s to stand out. Her voice is really amazing and she is very serious about her daughter & creating a good life for her. She really has a lot of soul if you just close your eyes and listen. She is not my favorite by any means, but my husband thinks she’s going top 3. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

  5. NOOO!! Emily and James should’ve been in the top 10!! Jeneve is indeed unique, but she has nothing special in her voice. Thomas, he’s too young and his experience in music industry is waaay more amateur than the eliminated people.

  6. My favorite was Brandyn Burnette from St. Louis who sang his original song “Lost” on piano during auditions and Harry sneaked up behind him and hugged him. He voluntarily withdrew & did not use his Hollywood ticket. Something about not wanting Idol to get his song or sign that ridiculous contract if he advanced far enough. I get it. I also liked Poe and she just packed up and left but she said she wasn’t ready. Props for being honest.

    Blown away that Jessica Cabral, gorgeous girl who never gave a a bad performance didn’t advance. Also Malie Delgado who nailed her songs SICK and Sara Sturm were good enough to advance.

    I’m REALLY, REALLY irritated Emily Brooke is NOT going to be in top 14. I thought she was a contender to go very far! Clearly the producers are taking total control of this & they already have who they want picked out. Shelbie is a strong, great country singer but why couldn’t BOTH go through? They can only have 1 country singer? Heck, The Voice was stacked with them this season. I also liked Jenna Renae.

  7. My top 14 would be in no particular order (My top 5 fav’s starred *)

    Emily *
    MacKenzie (who has grown leaps & bounds since The Voice)
    Olivia *
    Tristan *
    Trent *
    Sonika *
    Adam (so underrated! They barely show him!)
    Dalton (not the strongest singer but his flaws work together & make him good & interesting & draws me in totally)
    (A tie between Avalon, Amelia, LaPorsha)

    I already know so far 2 of my picks on this list are out but what can you do? I don’t dislike Gianna as much as some others. She can sing-her last performance was excellent but I can’t imagine cutting Emily & Jenna but sending her. That’s all. Producers have an agenda.

  8. Can’t believe Trent didn’t make it. It’s so obvious they want a girl to win this season. The guys were stronger this year, but idol wants a girl to win. So they get rid of the talent. SHAME

    • He made it. TIP was given the wrong info. I would’ve been pissed if they were actually true because he is one of the only contestants that has a real shot of winning this competition.

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